Let’s dissect Symphony of the Night

I know we’ve hit the “turn retronauts.com into a daily blog” Patreon tier, but I hope it’s OK if — as with our other plans and ambitions for expansion — it doesn’t take full effect until February. It takes a while to ramp up into these seismic life changes, you know? Also, I’m still with USgamer until the end of the month, so I kinda feel obligated to make that my main focus for now.

HANDILY! The piece I published at USG today should be of great interest to Retronauts readers, since it involves a game we’ve covered here on the podcast (more than once, I’d say): Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. (That’s a link to the column, by the way.)

This article is actually the first in what I intend to be an ongoing weekly column for USG, something I’ll continue writing after I depart from the site. I’ll be tackling a different game each month, and examining its different aspects across a series of four or five posts. Something kind of tells me that I won’t be able to explore some games in proper depth with just four entries, so there may be some spillover here as well. I intend to alternate classic and current games from month to month; I’m tackling Symphony for January, but next month I’ll be exploring The Last Guardian. Later this year I’ll delve into Final Fantasy VIIMass Effect: Andromeda (unless it turns out to be terrible), and who knows what else. I’ll be sure to cross-link the classics from here.

Canny observers may recognize this as an offshoot of my old Anatomy of Games series; less canny observers will have realized this connection since I mentioned it in the column prelude. I sort of lost the plot with Anatomy of Games and put the site to rest, but I’m hoping this format will keep things brisk and more interestingly generalized while still interestingly analytical. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and I will be over here in stunned disbelief that it’s somehow been 20 years since I had my PlayStation modded so I could import and play a little game called Gekka no Nocturne….


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5 Responses to Let’s dissect Symphony of the Night

  1. discord_inc

    Yes, I loved your Anatomy of Games columns and I can’t wait to read this new version

  2. Kirin

    Mmm, yes, more Anatomy. Delightful.

  3. matt

    official request for mgs1-3 being included in the lineup at some point

  4. Joe Ess

    Love this game, I was thinking about my top 10 games of all time and this in the list. I specifically bouth that PSP Dracula X game just to unlock this game and never played the main game again. I remember reading some complaints about the new voice acting in that version, but there is like 3 (maybe 5 at most?) minutes of dialogue in the whole game so I have personally felt that is a bit too much of nostalgia blinders in with that complaint.

  5. eddiephlash

    Jeremy, Anatomy of Games is one of my favorite projects of yours. I am glad to see it return in spirit if not in name. What a great game to start off with. I look forward to reading these!