Retronauts listener mail call: Final Fantasy IV

Hi everyone, it’s time for another round of solicitations for listener mail. We will be talking about Final Fantasy IV during our next recording session, and naturally we welcome your feedback about the game to potentially be shared aloud on-air. That includes the original Super Famicom version, the simplified game we received here in America on Super NES as Final Fantasy II, the Game Boy Advance port, the DS remake, or (shudder) the low-rent sequel The After Years. Take your pick!

If you have thoughts, you have the right to inflict them upon us! Whereupon we can serve as the viral vector through which they shall be transmitted to the rest of the world. So, if you wish to take part in this grand tradition, shoot me an email at jparish [at] retronauts [dot] com. Thanks!

Now, I have to go subject myself to some After Years. The things we do for this show.


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5 Responses to Retronauts listener mail call: Final Fantasy IV

  1. Tim

    I picked up the DS port at a garage sale for $2 but maybe that was too much. It’s my first time playing through it and maybe I’m a bit naive but it is great so far! I just added one of the twins to my party and already I love the classic JRPG style with the mid-2000’s cutscenes. Perhaps I should switch to my PSP port I just got, but I feel invested at this point. Should I abandon ship or stay the course?

    • Souther

      The PSP version is closer to the original, although with a revised art style, but I actually appreciate the melodramatic cutscenes from the DS version a lot. They brought out more emotion and charm throughout the story in a way that’s only implied in the different pure text versions. The gameplay does get quite hard and challenging in the DS title later on, so be warned and don’t be afraid to use a guide.

  2. FFIV is one of my favorite games of all time, but I never felt that it should have a sequel. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but what was the reasoning behind extending the story?

  3. Evan

    In lieu of a mail, I’d like to leave my thought as a comment here, and I hope that’s alright.

    FF4 was the only mainline entry that featured up to five active party members. It came coupled with a rather slimmed down class system, which I understand was a necessary trade-off, but still: Do you think having five active party members had any discernible effect on the gameplay?

    (As an aside: I’m solidly in the minority of people playing RPGs for the storytelling, and I vastly prefer fixed parties over completionist- and minmaxing-friendly character swapping; the early FF6 schism with its three separate, story-mandated parties was peak good stuff. FF4 did not exactly have a superb story, but the fixed party at least made for a coherent plot.)

  4. Jindo Fox

    Don’t forget the iOS version. I think the iPhone is the best place for this kind of game in these modern times.