Live streaming tonight: Zelda II for Gintendo

The Gintendo series achieved its funding goal a few days ago, and that means I will be streaming videos now, every week. While imbibing juniper-infused liquors.

To kick off the Gintendo series proper, I’ve decided to go with a game that recently celebrated its 30th anniversary: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. You know, I don’t think I saw a single retrospective or tribute to the game’s 30th anniversary, which seems a little odd given the attention we all lavished on the original Zelda‘s birthday a year ago. You can attribute that to the fact that its anniversary fell on the weekend that Nintendo was running its global Switch preview events, which basically crowded out other Nintendo-related topics in the hearts of nerds everywhere. Or… perhaps less kindly, you could attribute it to the fact that Zelda II is the least-beloved of all entries in the main series. I will remain neutral on this matter and let you make the judgment yourself.

In any case, I’ll be streaming the game for an hour this afternoon, beginning at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT:

I do not promise to complete the game, or even to do particularly well at it. I’ve finished it a few times over the years — once when I was young and nimble-fingered, and more recently with 3DS Virtual Console save states — but this game involves a lot of tough combat and unforgiving design. I’ll give it my best, though!

And because this is Gintendo, I’ll be talking about the bottle I just opened: No. 209 Cabernet Reserve, an intriguing gin by a San Francisco-based distiller that spent part of its life aging in cabernet sauvignon barrels and has taken on a rich amber color (and, one assumes, a bit of a wine flavor). Join me for a journey of discovery through Hyrule, and through my cups.


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5 Responses to Live streaming tonight: Zelda II for Gintendo

  1. JaYsonSe7en

    I’m probably the only person to think this, but I liked this one better than “Link to the Past”.

  2. Ken

    The folks over at Lasertime did a retrospective play through:

    I finally played through this game with my 3DS’s save states in the last few dungeons. Actually it was a lot easier/funner when I wasn’t a dumb kid and realized you have to grind for levels a bit.

    I don’t think I’d say it’s my favorite Zelda game, but it’s definitely one I’m happy exists. I like how off-model and not-“Ocarina of Time endlessly iterated” it is.

  3. casey

    I haven’t tried to play this since I was a kid but I am definitely going to give it a try soon. I have it on FDS and NES gold cart. You mentioned in the stream you are headed to Tokyo.

    What is talking you over there?

    Are games cheaper in Tokyo at Super Potato etc than Ebay? I need a few famicom still but they are games like Holy Diver, Crisis Force and Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes which are all pretty spendy on Ebay.

    I would love to make a trip over there.

  4. fourfour44

    Zelda 2 is such an interesting game, it has a lot of really original ideas, with some working much better than others. One thing it never gets credit for is the enemy encounter system, from the dawn of RPGs there’s been people complaining about random battles in RPGs, but I think the way its handled in Zelda 2 is really original and would have been great to see something like this done in a more traditional RPG, instead of a battle happening without warning, give the player a bit of warning, a bit of a change to get away (without having to start the battle and run away), and even a choice on whether to initiate the “easy” or the “hard” battle, instead Final Fantasy games typically relied on seed generation and step counters to determine when a battle happens and what enemy grouping gets pulled from the chart. Even though basic, Zelda 2 doesn’t get enough credit for the way the encounters work.

    Also, while it does not have a “remix” second quest the way the first Zelda does, Zelda 2 may very well be the first game with a “New Game+” mode, when you beat the game not only do you get a triforce symbol on your file, but you can restart the game from the beginning and keep your Attack, Magic and Life levels, as well as your 8 spells and down/upthrust. So you can run through the game again, just need to re-collect the magic and heart containers, beat the temples and collect the items, I guess not enough people made it through the game to even know.