Still a few bugs in the system

Hey there, loyal readers and listeners, just a quick follow-up on Monday’s announcement about our move to PodcastOne. Unsurprisingly, it hasn’t been a completely smooth transition — well, unsurprisingly for anyone who’s ever dealt with podcasts, that is.

1. The feed

The decentralized nature of podcast distribution makes things like this a major pain. Our change in hosts means a change in our RSS feed. iTunes, our most popular delivery system, is run by a cranky and unresponsive corporation that is slow to make such updates, and other people have added our old feed to many other services for which we have no access (and in some cases, awareness!).

We are working to update our iTunes feed at the source rather than use the current redirect, which means that the current two-day delay on new episodes showing up with Apple should be mitigated soon. I’ve also contacted Downcast and Stitcher and have asked them to update the feed on their apps, which… hopefully happens.

If you use a different service to download Retronauts, please let us know so we can contact them! It feels weird and annoying to have our primary product so far out of our control. Podcasts, man. In the meantime, you can update your own Retronauts information to point to the following feed:

2. The pay wall

As I mentioned on Monday, our older episodes on the feed have been gated behind a paywall. We were told this was optional, and I asked PodcastOne not to do it straightaway so we could give everyone several months of warning… but their system defaulted to an active paywall anyway. We requested they disable it as soon as it went up, but that still hasn’t happened. You’re not happy about this, I know, but neither are we.

We haven’t decided for certain that we’ll be using the paywall at all — that’s certainly PodcastOne’s preference, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense for a show like this, and it’s certainly a change from the way things have been over the past decade. Hopefully they’ll get that sorted out on their end soon.

In the meantime, our old Libsyn page still has all our episodes dating back to July 2013, so you can grab anything you want to listen to that way for now. I don’t know how long we’ll keep the Libsyn feed up, but it’ll be there for several months, at least. New episodes won’t appear there, but the old ones will remain.

3. Patreon

The show will continue to be supported through Patreon — I mean, PodcastOne hasn’t even started putting ads in the show, so we’re not making any money at all there just yet. The idea is to have a few different forms of income propping up the show, as I’ve been part of far too many media properties that rely on a single revenue stream and crumble when that stream dries up. So your patronage (patreonage?) is vital! And appreciated! Patrons will continue to receive:

  • Early show access
  • Higher-quality versions (in terms of bitrate) of the show
  • Full access to the entire catalog of episodes that have been posted to Patreon
  • The various goodies we send out twice a year
  • Occasional random bonuses

Which, hopefully, you’ll agree is worth your $3 per month.

4. More

This site will be launching into a proper website soon, e.g. not a blog. Please look forward to it.

The Good Nintentions and Game Boy World books I’ve been publishing on the side are also part of Retronauts now (as one of the revenue streams, you see). I’m hoping to have a new book ready in May— probably Good Nintentions 1986.

5. More?

If you have any questions about any of this, don’t be shy about asking. Things are a little bumpy at the moment, but that’s pretty much always the case when it comes to massive changes like this… give us a week or two and it should all be smooth sailing again. Thanks for bearing with us!


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22 Responses to Still a few bugs in the system

  1. Rhett Lauffenburger

    As always, transparency is key. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! As a long time kickstarter/patreon backer I’m glad to see that we won’t be losing the back catalogue of Patreon episodes.

  2. Alex

    I appreciate the quick communication on this guys. Whatever it takes to keep the podcast solvent and Jeremy employed is fine by me.

  3. Aelfric

    I will keep supporting Retronauts until my dream of a 3-hour extravaganza on “Rescue: The Embassy Mission” for NES is realized.

  4. Casey

    I use “Pocket Casts” it is an Android app.

    I own the XL color version of Gameboy world 1989 and b/w version of 1990. I’d love for an option to buy a bundle of books (color versions) at a discount. Would love to be able to buy good Nintendo so 1985 and the new 1986 together if possible.

  5. Casey

    Stupid auto correct…Good Nintentions 1985 and 1986 is what I meant

  6. Adam

    The feed will also need to be updated in Google Play. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll need to find a different way to listen to Retronauts because apparently PodcastOne doesn’t play nice with Google Play Music. Sorry, we would change this if we could!

  7. Weirdly enough, my Kindle App: Podcast Addict, updated the feed with no problem, but my Zune app did not, so I just added the new link to it and everything is okay on both ends now.

  8. You guys are still doing the Midwest Gaming Classic, right?

  9. Kevin Sousa

    I just started listening to Retroanuts from the beginning so I was unaware of any announcement on the newer episodes- Until i whined to Bob mackey on twitter about it then waited for this.

    I guess I’ll continue to play the waiting game……

    This game sucks let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos

  10. Lump

    Im only on episode 63 🙁
    I listen to the pod cast on my commute, sucks about the paywall. Hopefully it can go down, if not, Ill just try and catch up outside of my commute via the web.

  11. HelloMrKearns


    I use Podcast Addict (android) and it switched over to the new feed without me doing anything! Pretty smooth!

  12. Brian Clark

    Since we’re talking about all of this, is the DVD still being worked on? I have a feeling you’re asked this all the time, but I haven’t heard it mentioned on the Podcast for a while.

  13. gutzsant

    I think the only problem that most have is that you didn’t announce the change prior to releasing the new episode. At least that way most would’ve have taken the proper precautions to download or listen the old episodes. I don’t really have a problem since I listen new episodes as soon as I can, but I can understand the problems that came with the new situation, specially if one relies solely on the feed since some apps don’t play nice when the feed is changed.

    I really hope that this is a success for Retronauts because I know that also means an even better product for us. Right now, I think you are among the most respected authorities on retro games and have the best podcast in that regard, so a more profitable situation for you would bring us and even better podcast and perhaps even other side projects related to retro games.

    • Yeah, we didn’t post a warning because it wasn’t supposed to have happened yet. The idea was to shift to PC1 and announce that the move to a pay wall system would be happening a few months down the road. We didn’t know they’d institute the pay wall right away, and despite our request they haven’t removed it. We’re not happy with how this went down.

  14. dc12

    I use Antenna Pod and I was adding my episodes via RSS feed. So it was a matter of simple cut and paste.

  15. you keep doing you jeremy. you are a wonderful man and would make a very friendly friend, i imagine.

  16. Kazin

    It’s been a while since I’ve gone too far back, but I hope Patreon has a better system for accessing old posts. Used to be a pain and was pretty slow. Either way, add me to the well wishers, I’ve always enjoyed Retronauts and hope it’s a profitable job for you guys 🙂

  17. I use the Podcast Republic app for my Android phone, and it looks like it must have switched to your new feed without me doing anything I guess? So that’s good news. FFIV episode was great, BTW, and I loved the DS remake for what it’s worth (though admittedly the difficulty eventually prevented me from finishing it). Can’t wait to hear a FFVI ep!