Come see us live this weekend

We’ll be at the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo Sunday afternoon at 1, talking about… a mystery topic. But there’ll be audience participation! Yes, our presentation will be recorded and posted as a bonus podcast, but really, don’t you want to step up to the mic and share your darkest gaming secrets with the world? Of course you do. Come see us. It’ll be good times.

We’ll also be putting in live appearances at a couple of other events over the next 11 months or so, but we’re not sure which ones yet! (We’re still waiting on confirmation.) So, Seattle is your sure bet.

Sunday. 1 p.m. Be there.

4 thoughts on “Come see us live this weekend

  1. Well then! that will teach me to check the site on a regular basis! Finding out you guys had a live show a 20 minute bus ride away two hours after the fact.

  2. I had kept a question for your panel in my back pocket in case there wasn’t a big turn out, which turned out to be needless, but I should have asked it anyway, so I will here, just for FUN.

    Do you have a favorite death animation from a game?

    Whenever you mention Summer games, I can’t help but literally think of Epyx’s Summer Games and its various incarnations, including Summer Games II, Winter Games, California Games, and World Games. World Games in particular left a impression on me during Summer sleep-overs spent at my friend Brian’s house (no relation). While I was a PC kid due to my father’s employment as an accountant, Brian’s cooler dad had purchased a Commodore 64. World Games seems unique, in that it appears to be the only sports simulation game in which your character can be killed, often in hilarious ways. In the Caber Toss, which involves a Scottish man throwing what is essentially a telephone pole, if you fail to build up enough button-mashing power, the pole won’t completely flip, falling back towards your kilted character and smashing him into the ground like a Whac-A-Mole. You can see how the event looks here, but I couldn’t find a failed attempt, unfortunately.

    My favorite, though, is Cliff Diving, in which your speedo-clad daredevil dives off of a perilous cliff and must safely reach the bottom without getting blown into the side of it by a fierce wind. Should you make it to the bottom, you’ll notice a fat pelican sitting on the shore that will observe your descent, and silently judge you. The key is to hold your swan dive pose that follows your initial jump long enough to gain distance from the cliff face, but to enter the water as close to that same face as possible. See a perfect dive, here:

    However, should you chose, you can hold your swan dive pose all the way to the bottom and smash your chest into the water with full force. This causes your limp body to slowly descend to the bottom of the pool like a leaf.

    And that was how I spent my Summer Vacation.

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