Status report: Physical rewards

Almost since we started publishing the podcast, lots of people have been asking us what’s up with the physical rewards; if we’ve asked for shipping info, and so on. Though we’ve been responding to many of those people directly, we probably should’ve been saying something more public. And that’s what this is!

Basically, we haven’t forgotten that we’re on the hook, and in just the past week or two, we’ve made a renewed effort to get it all done. At the risk of slinging excuses, the launch of the podcast and the almost-immediate trip to the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo threw us off-balance for a little while. So right now, we’re pushing forward on producing the relatively easier-to-produce merch (shirts, etc.; thanks again to our friends at Fangamer for giving us a hand there), and doing pre-planning on the more custom stuff (namely the DVD and book projects), which will naturally follow a bit later.

Crowdfunding projects often deal with people moving and changing addresses before the project is fulfilled, so we’re trying to minimize that as much as possible by making sure we’re ready before we ask you to be ready. All that while re-settling ourselves in the groove of making the podcast — which, of course, is the product that matters most, but we’re not about to leave anyone hanging.

Long story short: We have not asked for anyone’s address yet, but we will when we’re ready. You will get an email, and we will post updates all over the place. Nevertheless, thanks for all your kind words so far, and for sticking with us. See you next episode!

Bob, Jeremy, Ray

4 thoughts on “Status report: Physical rewards

  1. I couldn’t be so gauche as to ask any of you personally, but thank you for this update. I’m not that worried about when the physical rewards will come. I donated some money to help you guys make a podcast. (And what an incredible podcast it is!) I didn’t give you money in exchange for a DVD, that’s just a bonus that will be ready when it’s ready. Take your time, fellas.

  2. Thanks for the update! I’m a great fan of Retronauts and I look forward to each new episode.

    On another note, any chance we might get an episode one day on the Tenchu series? Even though it’s a minor series now, there was a time when Tenchu and MGS were the two finest sneaking games on psx. The series has been uneven in quality, but great in samurai atmosphere and some great soundtracks too! :)

    Keep up the good work!


  3. A Tenchu episode would be excellent. Or failing that an episode on PSX/N64 Metal Gear Solid knock offs. Not sure how many there were, but Tenchu and Winback certainly qualify.

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