Retronauts Pocket Episode 9: Super NES Accessories

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In the third and final “accessories” episode I’ll be doing, we (Ray, Bob, Matt) go over some of the peripherals for the Super NES, which did not have *exactly* the same kind of insane flood of crazy controllers or other stuff that the NES received. Sure, the SNES got many of the same things the Genesis did, but as far as exclusive goods, the pool just wasn’t as large. Speaking of large, we do talk about the gargantuan Super Scope, which actually got some good games for it. On a smaller scale, there’s the Super NES Mouse, which got way more games supporting it than we even talk about (including Shien’s Revenge, which I erroneously call Shiren‘s Revenge; whoops). There’s also the Super Game Boy — arguably the best accessory for anything — and the usual brief look at some Japanese standouts, like the Lasabirdie and the Satellaview. And I’d be remiss if I overlooked the LifeCycle exercise bike. Where was that in the Wii’s heyday, huh?

And if you’ve listened to the episode already, for posterity, here’s my Dezaemon video I mentioned when talking about Mario Paint.

As always, thanks and enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “Retronauts Pocket Episode 9: Super NES Accessories

  1. To this day, my favorite SNES peripheral is the ASCII Grip. Sure, it was only released in Japan, but it works just fine on an American console.

    I hope you guys mentioned the Super Gameboy Controller. It was made in the style of the old white brick Gameboy and had a slow-mo button that actually slowed down the in-game clock, as opposed to being a rapid-fire pause button.

  2. Loved playing Link’s Awakening on that Super GameBoy. Also, um… I never got Contra III for SNES, so I played a lot of Contra: The Alien Wars on Super GameBoy since it was one of those enhanced games. I was missing levels but it was still fun!

  3. We must have bought a used super nintendo back in the day because we never had the original purple button controllers. We’ve always just had two Ascii pads and when I was little I used to wonder why my friend’s controllers were purple!

  4. I was in a really great retro game store in Chicago over the summer that had a LifeCycle bike and cartridge for sale. I had never seen it before, and it was really…something.

  5. My personal favorite SNES accessory will always remain the Super Scope, mainly because of Battle Clash and especially Metal Combat. Great little robot combat games that I’ve occasionally replayed over the years. Relatively easy on the first run once you figure out a couple of gimmicks, but the second game polished the gameplay by adding another mecha with different abilities, and both titles have extra difficulty modes that can make the experience more challenging. Good production values, quirky characters and rather nice music doesn’t hurt them either.

    Curiously enough, I had never thought of comparing these games to Punch Out! myself, but it’s certainly a valid point of reference. Compared to BC and MC, Super Scope 6 felt like mostly a proof-of-concept mini-game collection that didn’t hold my attention for too long. Can’t deny that the mere sensation of shooting at things with a bazooka always gave the Super Scope a few extra coolness points too.

    While I did own the SNES Mouse and Mario Paint, I never really got into it too much. That said, I admire those who can take full advantage of it even to this day. I did get a little more use out of the Super Gameboy. Oddly enough, I most distinctly remember playing around with SNK game ports like The King of Fighters.

  6. I really didn’t get much mileage from my Super Scope other then the pack in game it came with but then again we didn’t have any other game for the NES Zapper except Duck Hunt until I bought Hogan’s Alley several years ago. With all the batteries it took to operate it I have no interest in revisiting it.

  7. What’s up with the two and a half minutes of silence at the end of the episode? Or is that just a problem with the file I downloaded?

  8. Is there a reason why super multitap was not mentioned? That was the only SNES accessory I ever got.

    Never got to play 5 players game either due to lack of controllers….

    • Yeah, I had a ton of fun with the Multitap. My brothers and I played a bunch of 3-player Secret of Mana and 4-player NBA Jam back in the day thanks to it.

  9. Thanks for another great episode. I got my SNES and Super Gameboy in 2001 and was able to get through Pokemon Blue, Link’s Awakening, and other GB greats I had missed in the 90′s. Love the content, keep it coming!

  10. Heh, no love for the Barcode Battler? I guess it’s only marginally related, since you can use it without the SNES, but who would want to? I used to photocopy our groceries’ barcodes at the supermarket until a guard started shooing me away.

  11. As a long-suffering Macintosh owner in the nineties, and having no actual Apple store around, I was thrilled to find a copy of Koei’s SNES port of Civilization in a Blockbuster bin. Despite the resolution, the gameplay actually held up fairly well. But best of all, that SNES mouse finally found its purpose in life.

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