An audio update

We sat down on Sunday to record a little podcast on the state of our Kickstarter. If anything, this episode should prove why professional-grade equipment is important.


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12 Responses to An audio update

  1. Super Retronauts! Unless you are particularly attached to the irony of “New” Retronauts.

  2. Vincent

    Oooh, Super Retronauts is a cool idea. I’m just excited this is happening at all.

  3. Sean C

    Retronauts prime? Honestly it could be anything. Even if you got rid of the word Retronauts altogether it wouldn’t be too devastating as much as I hate to say it. But for a nostalgic based podcast it’s hard to throw away the nostalgia for the original name in its non modified usage. There could be worse things to be contemplating considering the success of the kickstarter. Being a big Sega fan ill throw out one last one, Mega Retronauts??

  4. What are you guys talking about? I would *LOVE* Retronauts with crackly Jeremy and co-starring Bob’s parrot. That bird brings a much-needed dimension to the show.

    Maybe you should call it Retronauts Classic.

  5. Ryan Johnson

    I am definitely in the “Super Retronauts” camp. but only if the word super is presented in a sufficiently radical manner.

  6. Paulo Tavares

    Hm, so nobody for a Retronauts Color (with the irony of it being an audio show for the most part), or Retronauts Advance?

    I actually like Super Retronauts, but if “Retronauts” would be the first word, I feel it would be better.

    Still, who cares – we’re getting Retronauts back! That’s what really matters here.

  7. Aaron

    Be awesome if you did a crackly Skype show to discuss Wii Speak, or DS voice chat.

  8. Adam Campbell

    Super Retronauts X: Grand Master Challenge for Matching Service…
    or Super Retronauts works.