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Listener mail call: Breath of the Wild

Another day, another call for mailbag material for next weekend’s recording session.

We’re going to try something a little different from usual next time by focusing an entire episode on a new release. During the run-up to launch, Nintendo made a lot of noise about how The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild marked a return to the franchise’s roots. Well, did it? That’s the question we intend to tackle with an upcoming episode.

We’d like for you to weigh in as well by submitting an email to me with your thoughts on the subject within the next few days. Send a line to jparish -at- retronauts -dot- com with the subject line “Breath of the Wild mailbag” with your thoughts. Please keep it to around 200 words max, and please avoid spoiling the endgame — there are a lot of people (including myself) who have yet to finish this absolutely enormous adventure. Thank you!


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Summoning more listener feedback, this time about MANLY games

As we close in on our next Retronauts recording marathon weekend, I’d like to collect your thoughts on my third and final episode topic. (In case you missed it, I’m also soliciting feedback on Final Fantasy V and Link’s Awakening… although boy howdy, we have no shortage of novel-length missives about those two topics already.) This third subject may be a bit more abstruse than its companion episodes, as has become our Retronauts focus mission — that is, maintaining a mix of both crowd-pleasing and abstract topics. I’m calling this final episode “BRO-totypes.”

If that name seems a little too dated for your tastes, you can make it a bit more current and go instead with “Intoxicating Masculinity.”

In short: The theme of this episode is to explore the sudden appearance of over-muscled beefcake dudes and tall, lanky gunmen in video games circa 1986-1990. Why did they suddenly become so popular with the near-simultaneous arrival of things like Rastan Saga, Golden Axe, and Castlevania? Why did manly action shift from hitting things with short-range objects (Rygar) to shooting them with guns (Vice: Project Doom) over the course of the latter ’80s?

In short, we’ll be talking about this:

Not this:

Any platform is relevant, and any game from 1985-1990 that eschews cartoonish cuteness in favor of a more serious sensibility (even if it’s over-the-top and cartoonish in a different way) is worth discussing. Share your favorite Manly Games of the late ’80s, or feel free to speculate on the nature of that sudden trend in gaming or its long-term influences! Write in to jparish [at] retronauts.com sometime in the next few days… and be sure to flex in a mirror at least once while composing your email.


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Speaking of Zelda: Mail call

The internet’s all abuzz with everyone’s thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including this very site. But I have a secret to share with you: I’ve been unfaithful. I’ve been spending my time with two different Zelda games.

Next weekend we’ll be recording a deep-dive episode on one of the greatest, and in my opinion most unfairly overlooked, entries in the Zelda franchise: Link’s Awakening for Game Boy. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish my replay of the game by then, but I’ve really been enjoying this revisit for the first time in nearly 20 years (since the Game Boy Color remake).

I know Link’s Awakening has plenty of die-hard fans out there, so we’d like to hear from you folks. We’ll try and read your missives on-air. Well, if you hate Link’s Awakening, you can also write. But I can’t promise your opinions won’t be loudly booed by some of the passionate fans of the game slated to put in an appearance on that episode….

Anyway, you know the drill: Shoot me an email no later than Friday March 3 to jparish [at] retronauts.com. Share your thoughts, whether they’re gushing or merely extremely positive. (Or, OK, even if they’re super grouchy.) Thanks!

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Listener mail call time again: Final Fantasy V

Friends, we’re a mere two weeks out from our next Retronauts recording session weekend (we have to do them more frequently now that we’re committed to producing more episodes, you see). As with our previous sessions, I’d like to call for some listener mail to be read aloud on the show, time permitting.

The first of our March recording sessions will continue our Final Fantasy deep-dive series with the fifth game in the franchise, sneakily known by the name Final Fantasy V. This was the second one with the amazing and flexible revamped Job System, and the first to skip a U.S. release on its original platform only to show up in a later console generation. It’s also the one to have inspired the Four Job Fiesta charity fundraiser series.

There’s a lot to say about this game! So, whether you discovered it as a 16-bit import game, checked it out in Final Fantasy Anthology on PlayStation, grabbed it on Game Boy Advance, or found it through some other means (we won’t ask), drop me an email at jparish [at] retronauts-dot-com. (You can respond via comments here or Twitter if you like, but, spoiler alert: I only pull up email-based comments during recording.)

Thanks, and look forward to a few more calls to action over the coming week!


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Listener mail solicitation time

Hello, everyone, and happy new year. I hope!

As you’ll hear in this week’s episode of the podcast (which goes live tomorrow), I’d like to integrate a listener mail segment into my episodes of Retronauts going forward. Bob has done a few mailbag roundups as full episodes, and I don’t see any need for that to change! However, I would like to get a little of that action on the shows I host as well. The way we used to do, back a very long time ago, at 1UP.

The next episode I will be recording will be the prototype episode for Retronauts East, and that should be happening within the next week or so. The topic at hand for this session: The TI-99/4A personal computer. Of course, I have already recorded a Micro episode on the TI-99/4A:

But this time we’ll be going into much greater depth on the subject, as befits a 90-minute episode versus one that tops out at 10. And, as I’ve mentioned, we’d like to field your questions on the topic! So please, shoot me an email at jparish [at] retronauts [dot] com sometime this week and we’ll do our best to read your thoughts (and answer your questions, when relevant). Thanks!


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