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Retronauts Special #3 – Live From TooManyGames 2014

As promised, we went on our east coast journey for this volume of Retronauts, and we’ve come back with this recording of our panel at TooManyGames 2014, titled The Life and Times of the 3DO.

Retronauts never covered 3DO (the company nor the platform) in earnest, and for us and many other game nerds, it’s been the butt of a joke. However, the system was not exactly DOA, despite some obvious stumbles out of the gate. And after doing a bunch of work writing about Warp, who started on 3DO, I thought it would make a good, fun episode that could, in fact, fit in a 60-minute convention panel.

I took a less casual approach with the panel than we have in the past, with an A-to-Z presentation that hits some key historical facts about the 3DO, from Trip Hawkins’ attempt to shake up the industry, and onward to a selection of 3DO games worth talking about. (There’s nearly nothing mentioned in the talk that requires you see it — and if so, there’s the video links below — but for the sake of completion, I’ve uploaded a hastily-exported PDF of the slides).

Though TooManyGames’ panel rooms were small compared to other venues we’ve been, the place was nearly full and everyone seemed to have a good time. Thanks to everyone who came, and suggested TMG to us in the first place. As for the rest of you, enjoy the show!

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Retronauts Volume III Episode 24: Intellivision

We just recently talked about the ColecoVision on Retronauts Pocket, but this time we talk about its competitor, the Intellivision, and it gets a full episode treatment! Mwahah! (Actually, no conspiracy here — it just worked out that way.)

Admittedly, we’re not big Intellivision intelligentsia — I was the only one of the hosts who owned it, and 18 years after it was relevant. But we’re here to appreciate, and that’s what we do.  As one of the first, biggest challengers to the Atari 2600’s throne, the Intellivision came out in 1980 and was backed by Mattel’s marketing strength, which led to games licensed on sports leagues or Dungeons & Dragons, and nabbing author George Plimpton as their original pitchman. And while Atari got the rights to a lot of arcade hits, some of them came to Intellivision thanks to the Atarisoft imprint — a peculiar part of history we discuss on its own. Altogether, the Intellivision was a formidable opponent, with a library well worth exploring (including homebrew!).

Crowdfunding backer (and therefore official Retronauts FunFriend™) Adam Heberling lent us this topic as part of his reward, so send an internet Thank You, and feel free to discuss your best Intellivision memories and impressions in the comments.

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We Deal with ‘Nauts of the Police Variety on Retronauts Pocket 23

retronauts 23 pocket cover

Hey, everyone—Bob here, with an episode that’s been struggling to reach you for months. We originally recorded this one waaay back in December, but lost the original audio. That’s nearly the worst thing that can happen in podcasting, second only to having your equipment catch fire and slow-roast you to death in a tiny studio. But I’m happy we could make it work, because Policenauts is one of those games everyone seems to know about, but few have actually played. I used to be one of these unfortunate souls until I found the time late last year to sit down and plow through one of the few Hideo Kojima games I never experienced. It’s by no means as important or well-crafted as Metal Gear Solid, but Policenauts still carries all the charms of a Kojima work — and that just might be enough to inspire you to give it a try.

Joining us for this episode is Michael Sawyer — AKA Slowbeef — who worked on the complete fan translation released in 2009. I’m also a big fan of his Retsupurae channel, which means you should be, too! How are we ever going to turn this thing into a cult without ideological purity?

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This episode’s description:

“Esteemed game designer Hideo Kojima has had his hands full with Metal Gear (exclusively) for the past 15 years, but once upon a time his games featured far fewer nanomachines. On this installment of Retronauts Pocket, we take a long, hard look at Policenauts, Kojima’s 1994 adventure game that signaled the end of his brief flirtation with this genre. Join Bob Mackey, Ray Barnholt, and Michael Sawyer (AKA Slowbeef) for the next 45 minutes, and learn all about the wonders of Lethal Weapon in space.”

The music tracks used in this episode are The End of Beyond and Opening Title – Old L.A. 2040 from the Policenauts soundtrack (by Tappi Iwase, Masahiro Ikariko, and Motoaki Furukawa).

Relevant Links:

The Policenauts Translation Project

Slowbeef’s Let’s Play Policenauts

JUNKER HQ’s Policenauts Retrospective

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