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Attention: We’re Not Dead!

This guy is, though.

This guy is, though.

Hi friends, Bob here—It’s almost been two months since you last heard from us, and in that time, we’ve been taking a break after our great, Kickstarted season of 58 episodes. My media player tells me that’s roughly 40 hours and 22 minutes of audio, which is still kind of astounding to me. So thanks again for helping make this all happen.

So, by this point you’re probably wondering when the new season will start. Well, you’ll be happy to know we’ve already recorded two episodes, though we’ve hit a tiny delay in our plan. Since we want to have plenty of content recorded before we launch, season two will most likely begin in early-to-mid November. Before that, though, we’ll be releasing a mini-episode to give you details about our new Patreon—the source of funding for this next season—as well as read off the list of backers from the last season. So make sure you’re still subscribed to our podcast feed!

And, just so you know, we haven’t forgotten about all of you great people who made the last season happen. We’re still committed to producing and sending out those physical rewards, and we’ve made some progress in the few months we’ve been able to relax. That said, thanks again for your patience and trust—we don’t plan on ripping anyone off, and the ghosts of promised rewards haunt our sleep nightly. (They haunt mine, at least.)

So, what’s going to happen until then? Well, the best way to stay in the know is to keep up with our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Oh, and I’ll be doing a complete playthrough of a horror-themed game this month on our Twitch channel, so stay tuned for more information about that—last year’s stream featuring the Super Famicom’s Clock Tower was lots of fun, and you can watch it again over at our YouTube channel.

Again, thanks for your continued support. We still have an exciting announcement to make, and plenty of great episodes to come, so hang in there—it’ll be worth the wait.


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