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Patreon Backers: Our Season Premiere is Now Live!

Hey folks,

Bob here with a super-quick message, which shouldn’t be a mystery if you read the headline preceding this blog post—and who wouldn’t? That said, if you’re one of our friendly, handsome/beautiful Patreon backers, go log in to your account NOW NOW NOW because our season premiere is live! And if you’re still on the fence about being a patron, just one dollar a month—that’s 25 cents a week, in case you forgot how money works—will get you each episode seven days in advance, which will make you the envy of your bridge group or knitting circle. Thanks again for all of your support, and we’ll see you next week with the typical notes and rigamarole we usually post with every episode.

(Here’s that link again…)


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Retronauts on USgamer: The tale of Capcom

Hey, everyone. I’d like to chime in and thank everyone who has signed up for our podcast Patreon campaign already — a mere two days in and we’re already to the second tier of funding (biweekly episodes, mini episodes on the off weeks, and streams aplenty) and about a third of the way to the next! That’s really fantastic, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support.

While that ticks along, Bob and I have already started to plan Retronauts content for USgamer… and by “plan” I mean “publish.” Today I’ve posted a Kickstarter backer-requested article on USG. The original plan was to put it here on the blog, but it makes more sense to put it on a site where it’ll get more eyeballs, right?


This particular piece comes to us at the behest of Greg Spenser, who wanted us to write about Capcom’s 8- and 16-bit eras. And that’s exactly what has happened — so please, enjoy this brief look back at the evolution of Capcom during the NES and 16-bit days. And, of course, please continue reading USG and our Twitter feed for more Retronauts-related content to fill your brain with old things as we build up toward the new season of podcasts that kicks off December 1!


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The Next Season of Retronauts is Coming Soon! (But We Still Need Your Help)

Hey folks, Bob here with an important announcement. We’ve been on break since late August, and in the passing months, you’ve probably been wondering just what the heck we’ve been up to. Well, this new episode spills each and every bean, but if you’re too impatient to hear us jabber on about the next year of Retronauts, I’ll break down the details below:

  • We’re now partnering with USgamer, where Jeremy and I work. They won’t be funding the podcast, though—it’s more of a reciprocal deal in which we’ll grow the audience of both properties in synergistic harmony.
  • Volume IV (or whatever we’ll be calling it) begins on Monday, December 1st, with episodes to follow biweekly—that’s every two weeks. But if we get enough funding, we’ll be doing bite-sized episodes during the off weeks.
  • The most important thing: This new season of show will be supported by our new Patreon, which includes plenty of physical rewards as incentives. If you can spare just a few bucks a month to help out, we’d really appreciate it! (Here’s that link again…) And, if you donate, you’ll get early access to all of our new episodes.
  • A good deal of this money will go towards funding trips so Jeremy can record live in our studio instead of remotely. We made Skype work as best as we could, but we realize that having everyone in one location results in better shows.
  • If you donated to last year’s Kickstarter and are still waiting for your rewards, don’t worry—we’re working on them! (That includes episode requests for contest winners and donors, BTW.)

Aaand that’s it! We’re extremely grateful for any kind of support, and if you can’t spare a little scratch every month, spreading the word about our Patreon and upcoming season would be appreciated. As always, be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts for all of the latest news about the podcast. And please bookmark USgamer, because we’ll be writing plenty of stuff about retro games over there—and we really want the site to keep on keepin’ on. Thanks again for all of your support over the years, and we’ll see you again on December 1st!

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And if you’d like to give the upcoming season of our show a little attention, please leave us a review in the iTunes music store!


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