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Retronauts Vol. IV Episode 40: Why We Love Japanese Games

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Submit Your Comment for Our Annual Viewer Mail Episode!


Ever since Retronauts left its old format with 2013’s Kickstarted season, we rarely get a chance to field letters from fans–a feature I loved having on my older shows. So, just like last year, we’re going to condense all of our fan feedback into a single episode, where we’ll respond to your questions and comments throughout. So if you have something you want to ask/tell us, please post it in the comments section below–and know that Ray Barnholt will be there for this recording. Just a few brief points before you craft your submission:

  • Please have your comment posted by the end of Thursday, May 21! (Comments on these posts eventually turn off automatically, but I’ll be collecting responses on the morning of the 22nd.)
  • Please be concise! Your comment/question will have better odds of being read if you get to the point.

Thanks in advance for your contributions. And, just so you know, Retronauts should have a P.O. Box soon, as we did in olden times–I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s up and running.


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Episode 39: Slow life games


Hi there! We have a new episode online! Also, I injured my hand a few days ago and it’s swollen and full of pus and typing hurts a lot!! So I’m going to just put this online and let God sort out the details. Special thanks to Ray Barnholt and Gary Butterfield of Watch Out For Fireballs!

Description for this episode:

At the behest of Kickstarter backer Chase (yes, we’re still fulfilling Kickstarter episodes), Jeremy, Bob, Ray, and Gary Butterfield assemble to talk about “slow life games.” You know, the ones about nothing. The Seinfelds of games.

Listen or download here:

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Enjoy, and my apologies to Patreon supporters: My hand injury has delayed this week’s advance Micro episode. I’ll get it up for you as quickly as I can, but, ouch.


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Retronauts Micro 012: Interstate ’76


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