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Retronauts Special: State of the Podcast, 2016


Our first Patreon-funded year has come to a close, and we’d like to thank everyone who made the past 57-or-so episodes possible. And since Retronauts will be continuing into 2016 for its tenth glorious year on this planet, we’d like to fill you in on some behind-the-scenes info about the future of our little podcast.

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EMERGENCY ORDER: Retronauts Vol. IV Episode 56

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Like the video games industry itself, the Retronauts podcast is in a period in which new content is hard to come by as we instead favor sequels and remakes. Take this episode as case-in-point: We’re revisiting the Metroid series from way, way, way back in the early 1UP days. Our old friend Jose Otero joins us for this journey into the past… which was recorded long in the past, actually. Back before E3. We’re not entirely sure why it’s taken so long to get this show posted, but it’s fine! All that’s happened with Metroid since then is the announcement of a spinoff that made people terribly, terribly angry. And that’s not what this episode is about. This one’s about positivity and happiness. So enjoy, a pray for a true peace in space.

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Episode Description

Jeremy, Bob, and IGN’s Jose Otero revisit a subject dear to their hearts: Nintendo’s Metroid series. It’s the only Metroid podcast in 2015 that does’t complain about Federation Force! (Because it was recorded before E3.)


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Retronauts Vol. IV Episode 55: Holiday 2015 Extravaganza

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It’s the Yuletide season once again, and if you’re a Retronauts fan, you know what that means: Braving the elements for an annual trip to our Holiday Cabin in Parts Unknown. And while the inclement weather, prowling wolves, and sensitive sentry guns make each journey a perilous one, I think we can all agree putting your life on the line is more than worth it for a little more than an hour of quality podcast entertainment. On this year’s Holiday Extravaganza, join host Bob Mackey as he welcomes guests Dave Rudden, Ray Barnholt, and Henry Gilbert for a rousing and festive chat about the execrable 1996 holiday special, “Sonic Christmas Blast.” Oh yeah, and be sure to have a Merry Whatever It Is You Do This Time of Year!

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Retronauts Micro 028: Legends of Localization Interview with Clyde and Heidi Mandelin

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On this special interview episode of Retronauts Micro, Bob talks to Clyde and Heidi Mandelin, masterminds of the Legends of Localization project, and authors of a new book that tracks the many changes The Legend of Zelda underwent in the transition between Japanese and English. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the hell those old men were talking about in the original game, here’s your chance!

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Retronauts Vol. IV Episode 54: Super Mario 64

Almost 20 years ago, Nintendo showed the world how 3D games should be done with the phenomenal Super Mario 64. But in the passing decades, have the charms of this Nintendo 64 launch game faded out of existence? Leave it to the Retronauts to investigate! On this episode, join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Polygon’s Danielle Riendeau, and the Laser Time Podcast Network’s Henry Gilbert for a thorough discussion of this early 3D classic. (Note: No pickles were wolfed during the recording of this episode.)

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