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Listen to Nobuo Uematsu music! And to us talk about Nobuo Uematsu music! It’s episode 60! Wow!

Is that headline obnoxious? Good, good, just making sure.


Look, I have to make this blog post terrible, because the episode it encloses is so good. Is it the best Retronauts ever? I’m afraid I can’t make that call! But it could well be my favorite Retronauts ever. Certainly it took longer to assemble than any other episode ever — probably about 10 hours for editing alone. That’s really quite a lot of time. Maybe I’m just tricking myself into liking it to justify the time investment. I don’t even know anymore.

It was worth it, though! There’s a whole lot of music in this episode, and I know you like music. Good music, anyway. Also, we have a new cover artist: Nick Daniel, who is talented. His illustrations will make this show look a lot nicer than my pitiful chicken scratches did. Everything’s looking up.

Anyway, Nobuo Uematsu wrote a lot of great music (still does, in fact!) and you should totally listen to this episode, wherein Bob and I gush about video game tunes for more than two hours, with Chris Kohler and Kat Bailey singing the countermelody. It’s neat. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Episode Description

Jeremy and Bob spend a couple of hours musing about music with Chris Kohler and Kat Bailey. Specifically, the music of Nobuo Uematsu. Stay a while and listen! No, wait, wrong RPG series.


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Retronauts Micro 032: Our Gaming Bucket Lists


Bad news, everyone: We’re all gonna die! (Eventually.) And to ensure our death beds are free of regret, we recorded a new Retronauts Micro about the game-related goals we still need to achieve before kicking the bucket. On this episode, join host Bob Mackey and guests Dave Rudden, Ray Barnholt, and Henry Gilbert as the crew tries to keep things light with a very dark topic. Note: We can’t be held responsible if you trip over all of the names dropped throughout.

Libsyn (15:26 | MP3 Download | SoundCloud)


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Retronauts Episode 59: PSP


Long ago, the best game a phone could pull off was the immortal “Snake,” so we had no choice but to turn to dedicated portables for anything more complicated than that. In an era before most people Crushed Candy on their mass-transit commutes, Sony’s PSP absolutely thrived, and gave its users an impressive piece of tech that did more than just play games. On this episode of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Mikel Reparaz, and Ray Barnholt to find out why all we really want for Christmas is a PSP.

Libsyn (1:32:56 | MP3 Download | SoundCloud)

(I sincerely apologize for this week’s cover art.)


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Otocky soars, musically

micro 31 cover


I bought a bunch of Famicom Disk System games while I was in Tokyo last fall, and thanks to Retronauts I’ve managed to find an excuse to play one of them. Yes, I’m a sick and broken person who doesn’t play video games unless I can extract some sort of work-related content from them. Adulthood!

Thankfully, this one was worth the hoop-jumping. Otocky is one of those games I’ve heard about, and in action it turned out to be every bit as enjoyable as whispered Internet rumors have suggested. A simple shooter based around musical concepts like timing, melody, and loops, Otocky laid the groundwork for modern rhythm games like Rez and, I dunno, Crypt of the NecroDancer. So! You should watch this video:

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Episode Description

We’ve mentioned Otocky in passing, but now we delve into greater depth about this little-known but marvelously inventive music-based shoot-em-up by Electroplankton creator Toshio Iwai.

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