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Retronauts Episode 64: Castlevania: Dracula X and Symphony of the Night


Dan Adelman joins Jeremy and Bob to discuss one of the true treasures of the ’90s: The Castlevania series’ transformative duology, Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Enough talk, have at you!

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Retronauts: Live At Midwestern Gaming Classic 2016


Jeremy and Bob hit the mean streets of Milwaukee to talk about the SEGA Master System on the eve of its 30th anniversary. Featuring special SEGA expert guests Greg Sewart and Dylan Cornelius. Special thanks to 249 Studios for the live recording!

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Retronauts Micro 036: 16-Bit RPG Town Mixtape


On this calm and soothing episode of Retronauts Micro, join host Bob Mackey for a sampling of the best 16-bit RPG town themes in all creation.

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Retronauts Episode 63: Pokemon


Nothing may feel more like those simpler times of the late ’90s than Pokemon, but Nintendo’s monster-collecting phenomenon managed to stick in there for two whole decades by staying true to its roots. On this episode of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Henry Gilbert and Kat Bailey as the crew explores the last twenty years of Game Freak’s zillion-dollar franchise. (Disclaimer: Please listen to this podcast in a well-lit room for your own safety.)

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