Retronauts Episode 64: Castlevania: Dracula X and Symphony of the Night


Dan Adelman joins Jeremy and Bob to discuss one of the true treasures of the ’90s: The Castlevania series’ transformative duology, Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Enough talk, have at you!

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6 Responses to Retronauts Episode 64: Castlevania: Dracula X and Symphony of the Night

  1. Zane

    Great episode! As a fan of the DS games I really need to check these out.

    Just a little technical trivia: sotn on Playstation is actually entirely made of polygons – but not polygonal models. Ps1 has no sprite hardware, and the cpu is too slow for a software renderer, so all the “sprites” are actually textures on top of a couple of flat polygons.

  2. Another great episode I’m looking forward to – I only recently-ish tracked down a copy of Rondo of Blood for my Duo and was blown away with the clear hooks that would materialise in SotN, so the timing on this one is perfect!

  3. Enargy

    Good episode.

    On small detail.. Jeremy mentioned that the towns in Castlevania 2 were ‘safe places’ because monsters couldn’t enter them, and this is what made the burning town in Rondo of Blood such a striking image. While that was true during the day, at night monsters would roam the streets and you weren’t able to enter any of the shops or even the chapel to get healed. And since the day/night cycle continued in the town itself (time did ‘freeze’ while you were inside a building), you could come back from a long trip hoping to get healed, only to encounter an army of green ghouls and no way to reach the healer for a few more minutes.

  4. Nathan

    Great episode, inspired me to pick up my Vita and replay Rondo.

    I am also listening again to the old episode Jeremy, Ray, and Bob did about the old school Castlevania. You guys talked about getting some info on the production of the original Castlevania. Not sure if you have ever had any luck, but Marty Sliva from IGN mentioned visiting a Tokyo whiskey bar ran by an ex-Konami employee and I think he was a producer on Castlevania. Just putting it out there!

  5. Jason

    Really enjoyed this episode!

    Also inspired me to dust off my PSP and pick up that heavily discounted Dracula X Chronicles. After three install attempts it finally loaded and I’ve been enjoying some glorious Castlevania goodness all week!

  6. DarthEnderX

    I swear I must be the only person ever that liked Dracula X better than Castlevania IV.

    Look, I know that Dracula X is a very poor port of Rondo of Blood. But I didn’t know that at the time.

    At the time, I was just a guy that loved Castlevania and played every one on the NES and SNES.

    I mean, I really liked CV4 when it came out. Easily better than the NES ones, but I was never really comfortable with the whipping, and I didn’t really like the way the player’s sprite was freakin gigantic. And I didn’t really like the color palette of the game. Everything was all brownish and gray. It was all very bland, like CV2.

    But most of all, I didn’t like the music. There’s only one original song in that game that’s fantastic. Theme of Simon. There are other great themes, but they’re remixes of songs from earlier games. Most of the original songs in the game sound awful to me. They’re all this, like, free-form jazz played on a church organ. It’s just, bleh.

    Then Dracula X came out, and I was like, “Now THIS plays like classic Castlevania. The controls are tight, precise, Richter is a much smaller sprite, looks cooler, backflips.” The graphics were sharp, and colorful. Just like CV1 and 3.

    And the music was AMAZING. Sounded 10x better than CV4.

    Yeah, the last boss battle was total BS, but other than that, I loved this game.