We want YOU to write for US

Retronauts is growing, and soon this very website will become something more than a mere blog. It’ll be a real website. That’s going to demand more work and upkeep than Bob and I can manage on our own, though — between all the podcasts, videos, business development work (for me), and having-a-full-time-job (for Bob) we need to deal with each day, it can be tough to find time to post much material here. And yet… nearly every day we see some sort of classic gaming-related news pop up on the wire, whether it’s the arrival of a boutique retrogaming device (a la the Analogue Nt Mini and its weekly stream of new console cores) or the announcement of highly anticipated classic game collections (a la Capcom’s newly announced compilation of NES “Disney Afternoon” games). Alas: We can’t capture them all by ourselves.

That’s where you come in.

We are looking to take on two part-time writers to help out with daily news and, in times of little news, other Retronauts-appropriate writing. These are, again, part-time freelance roles, with the pay to match. But we’re not asking for a massive commitment! An hour per weekday, basically. We just need a couple of people to help mop up classic gaming news and pen the occasional modest retrospective, should the desire and opportunity arise. In return, we will pay you a modest monthly stipend of $500 (which, at an hour of work per weekday, averages out to around $20/hour — pretty fair, we hope).


  • A solid writer who knows classic gaming (but isn’t ashamed to do a little research to bolster their knowledge when needed);
  • The ability to commit up to an hour each weekday to writing/posting for Retronauts;
  • Someone capable of working with a CMS backend and doing some basic-level image editing or processing as needed;
  • Access to Slack for coordinating plans with me and your fellow writer;
  • Familiarity with topics Retronauts has traditionally been weak on (which is to say, non-Nintendo matters like SEGA, PC Engine, U.S./UK/Japanese 8-bit computers, etc.) is a very big plus.

And this isn’t a requirement and won’t determine our picks, but: Bringing a perspective/background that’s different from mine and Bob’s — we’re both straight, white, American men who were born in Midwestern cities about 200 miles apart, and we cut our gaming teeth in the ’80s and ’90s —would definitely be quite welcome. Classic gaming is for everyone, and we’re glad to promote different perspectives on gaming at Retronauts, whether those differences amount to age, nationality, gender, or… well, anything, really. This call is open to everyone. (OK, everyone except racist YouTubers.)

If this sounds like a thing you would like to do, please submit an email to freelance@retronauts.com by March 24 with a brief (like, 100 words maximum) introduction/explanation of your bona fides, along with links (or scans, if you somehow only work in print) to three pieces of writing you’d like to show off as examples. And that’s it! Just follow these simple directions, and we’ll hopefully be able to sort through applications by the end of the month to get you started straightaway in April. Thanks!


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12 Responses to We want YOU to write for US

  1. I was stoked until I got to the expertise/demographic paragraphs and it dawned on me that I come from literally the EXACT same background as Jeremy and Bob…still probably gonna apply tho

  2. Nimune

    Any interest in someone capable of doing artwork for the site?

  3. Super Boy Alan

    This is one of those things I’d love to do, but I know I wouldn’t be able to put in the time even if I did somehow get picked. I’ll probably be returning to school to finish graduate work in Music Theory pretty soon, and goodness knows I’ll have plenty of writing to do there. (Although I’ll still get to write about games sometimes – ludomusicology is on the rise these days, and I’ve gotten to present papers on NES-related stuff at a conference a couple of times already.)

    Anyway, best wishes on the application process!

  4. Crazy Ivan

    SO down. While I am one of those nerds who mostly wrote in print (Ask Chris about Ocala…) I’m wondering if the original document file would suffice? I will hunt down the issues for scanning.

  5. Already emailed my application. I’ll be really excited to hear from you.

    Here’s an example of my writing:


  6. Byuu

    I admire your work, and I think this is going to be a wonderful landscape for retro-related game journalism in the future.

    I would love to apply, but I think I’m not quite qualified, disciplined, or ready yet (I’m just finishing up college). But maybe someday, when Retronauts becomes an even a bigger success and enterprise, maybe then I’ll apply for whatever opens up then. haha

    I feel that you all are doing something very important. Games have their own history and if we don’t document it now then it’ll be lost, similar to the circumstances of the early film era.

    Anyway, I’ll continue to be your loyal fan.

  7. Rick

    I wish I had any actual gaming know-how. This is why I listen to you guys in the first place. If you ever have an opening for a copy editor, I’ll jump all over that.

  8. Browny

    I would have dared to apply, but my background is too similar, my gaming focus on Japanese RPGs, and I’ve never written professionally outside a few self-published fiction novels.

    Time I could commit, but I doubt I’d be able to produce content that would give the site a good name…

  9. Ryan T.

    This sounds really cool! I may not be the most qualified, but I’ll give it a try! I was born in the 90’s, so my perspective will probably be very different.