Stream complete: G.I. Joe features in the Gintendo test run [Archived]

The next funding goal for the Retronauts Video Chronicles will be weekly live streams — and not just live streams, but the “Gintendo” streams I’ve been threatening to produce for the past few months. You guys thought it was a Twitter joke, but I meant it! The idea should, hopefully, be somewhat self-explanatory: I play a classic game and sip a libation of some sort. (Not necessarily gin, though that’s definitely my preferred substance to abuse.)

We haven’t quite hit that mark yet, but it’s only about $150/mo. away and I feel pretty confident that the rad people of the internet will make it happen. So tonight will be a test run in a number of respects. I’ve never used YouTube for streaming before, nor have I streamed anything since rearranging my office setup last month. I figure the Friday evening of a holiday weekend is probably the best possible time to attempt to try a dry run for something so fraught with technical concerns and learning curves.

The stream is now archived here:

But please be patient, as this will definitely be a “working out the kinks” kind of stream.

  • Tonight’s game of choice will be G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, developed by Kid and published by Taxan for NES.
  • Tonight’s beverage of choice will be a negroni made with Barr Hill honey gin. (Equal parts gin, Carpano Antica vermouth, and Campari, shaken with ice and enjoyed up.)

I will share whatever knowledge I have for both as I enjoy them together. Assuming setup complications don’t get the best of me, that is. Please watch and play along… or drink along… or both… or neither. Really, the choice is yours.


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9 Responses to Stream complete: G.I. Joe features in the Gintendo test run [Archived]

  1. Nathan Hill

    I remember liking this game and made a point to buy it again at a flea market about 10 or 15 years ago. The choices of Joes available was kinda weird. Duke and Snake Eyes are no brainers. Rock and Roll was ok, I guess seeing how he was an original Joe and all. But Capt Gridiron instead of Flint, Scarlett, Lady Jay, or Roadblock? I seem to recall G.I. Joe on the C64 had a more varied lineup.

    Never played the sequel to this either. Am I missing anything?

    • I haven’t played enough of the sequel to say. But I think the strange character roster has to do with a desire/corporate mandate to tie the game into the most recent TV episodes, which under DiC tended to feature weirdos like Capt. Grid Iron.

    • I borrowed/rented the first G.I.Joe game for a few days, and enjoyed the interchangeable characters and vehicles you could use. It actually reignited my huge childhood interest in the Joe figures and toys, which I had set aside a few years earlier.

      I bought the second G.I.Joe game (“Atlantis Factor,” Capcom release?) and actually finished it when I was between SNES games. It didn’t seem as “fresh” as the first, and you started the game only with Hawk as a general jump/gun character (unlike the jetpack he had in the first game).

  2. Greg Falkingham

    I will say this having watched it live; plenty of Nintendo, absolutely no complaints on the Nintendo front, but perhaps somewhat lacking on the Gin front. I think in my own head, I imagined a typical game stream set up, but in top right corner, instead of a live cam of the streamer, there would be a camera fixed on the bottle of Gin currently being enjoyed (a bit like how Big Jon has an endlessly looping video of sizzling bacon in the corner -I… I watch way too much Twitch)

  3. Scott

    By definition, this could not be a dry run.