It’s here: Retronauts Vol. III Episode 1


You pined for it, you paid for it, you’ve waited for it, and now the fruits upon the tree of our labor have ripened at last for you to pluck and savor. What I’m saying is that the first new episode of the Retronauts podcast is here. Acquire it through the delivery method of your preference:

Libsyn (1:27:56 | MP3 | 60.4 MB) | SoundCloud | YouTube (coming soon)

We’ll have an iTunes feed soon, but since we can’t use the old feed it’s a chicken-and-egg situation: We have to have episodes before Apple will list them. In the meantime, you can add the show yourself by going to iTunes’ File menu (the Advanced menu in pre-11 versions), selecting Subscribe to Podcast… and pasting in our Libsyn URL ( But basically, we ask that you be patient on the iTunes front; it moves a bit slowly, and the system is out of our hands.

Or you could just listen to it here, I guess.

This episode’s description:

“We’re back! By the power of crowdfunding! Retronauts launches a new season by marking the 30th anniversary of three crucial Japanese consoles: Famicom, SG-1000, and MSX. Featuring the voice of Chrontendo‘s Dr. Sparkle and a lovely new musical theme.”

This episode’s breakdown:

  • 0:00 | Introduction (feat. the new Retronauts theme by Anamanaguchi)
  • 6:31 | Musical Interlude: Final Fantasy V “Ahead on Our Way” (Nobuo Uematsu)
  • 7: 07 | Virtual Console lamentations celebrations
  • 20:40 | Musical Interlude: Balloon Fight theme (Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka)
  • 21: 15 | Classic revivals: Jajamaru-kun and Umihara Kawase
  • 27:52 | Musical Interlude: Umihara Kawase “Sea” (Shinji Tachikawa)
  • 28:28 | July 1983: The birth of Japanese console gaming
  • 59:15 | Musical Interlude: Faxanadu “title” (Jun Chikuma)
  • 59:44 | July 1983 continued
  • 1:15:23 | Musical Interlude: Hudson’s Adventure Island “Wild Plains” (Jun Chikuma)
  • 1:15:54 | Damn kids, get off our lawns!
  • 1:27:24 | Musical Outro: Wrecking Crew “title” (Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka)

Our new season (that’s what we’re calling this year’s worth of Kickstarted episodes, because there’s no cliché like a well-worn cliché) should largely be business as usual. Four people sit in a room and talk about old video games. However, we should bring to light a few differences of note.

Probably the biggest difference — one you won’t notice until our second episode — is that the host seat is now a rotating duty. I’m the lead voice this week, but our second episode will feature the vocal talents of M.C. Bob, and the third episode will see Ray as host (etc.). We’ve already recorded episode two (as well as the first two “mini” episodes, because we’re taking our commitment to maintain a weekly release schedule very seriously; this is a benefit of having a show run by three aggressively Type-A personalities driven by a nagging sense of guilt and duty) and already I can see the difference in Bob’s extremely meticulous approach to organizing a show and my looser, more extemporaneous style. Also, as promised, our 26 biweekly “main” episodes will be 60-to-90-minute productions right in line with the old podcasts (which, I should note, can still be gathered from for as long as Ziff-Davis leaves it up and running), while the “mini” episodes on off weeks will be shorter and more unusual. Our hope is that you’ll like some of them, if not all.

Anyway, back to this episode: You should regard this episode as a complement to the retrospective series I’ve been running over at my new gig, They both cover the same material — namely, the near-simultaneous launch of three different game systems in July of 1983. As the U.S. console market was imploding, the Japanese market was only beginning to take shape, and the machines that launched in Japan that month would make an impact whose effects we still feel to this day. The prime mover of July 1983, of course, was the Nintendo Famicom (which would come to the U.S. as the NES) — but everyone always celebrates the debut of the Famicom. For this episode (and the articles on USgamer), I wanted to paint a bigger picture and put the Famicom’s launch into the perspective of its time by looking at its contemporary competition, the state of Japanese home gaming before its arrival, and why things shook out differently in Japan than the U.S. Hopefully this podcast will help shed a little light on the way things were, even if only to better appreciate the significance of what Nintendo managed to accomplish.

And, of course, you should also look to the first few episodes of our gracious guest host’s long-running Chrontendo project to get a sense of just what gaming was like in the summer of 1983. Enjoy the show, and happy listening/reading/viewing!

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40 Responses to It’s here: Retronauts Vol. III Episode 1

  1. Woo-hoo! It has returned! I shall download as soon as I get home.

  2. Ryan Johnson

    Thank you so much guys!
    Any plans on throwing a feed up on iTunes?

  3. Cool new theme, guys. I see that the new Retronauts aims to be a bit more sophisticated than the prior two incarnations. Looking forward to it.

  4. Farhadinho

    Yeeeeeeaaaaaarrrghh!!!! I’m so happy I could cry! Welcome back!

  5. Eric

    In case anyone is having issues subscribing, the URL that worked for me was

  6. Philipp

    Yeah! Can’t wait to download and listen to! The episode breakdown is especially great because most of the time I can’t remember where I stopped the night before (because podcasts are my bedtime stories).

  7. Raymond Fernandes


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  9. JohnLearned

    Love that new music

  10. soupbones


  11. Renato Costa

    Yeah! Fantastic Mr. Parish! That’ll be the boost I needed to get through my work day today! Thank you!

  12. jpfriction

    Awesome, downloading right now. Also, if you are an idiot like me and actually use the buillt-in podcast app on your iPhone for listening to podcasts but never sync to your computer anymore: if you just enter that URL into the search bar at the top of your list of podcasts in the app, it will automatically ask you if you want to subscribe.

    • Sean C

      Thanks that worked like a charm. That is indeed the easy way to add it to the podcast app.

  13. Leandro

    The return of Retronauts + Dr. Sparkle. What else could you ask for?

  14. Pablo Romeo

    Listening to it right now. I gotta say it, I love having you guys back.

    Last year I had to take care of a whole division by myself for my company since there were some personnel shortage and I winded up working up until 3-4 AM almost everyday. (Having to wake up at 7AM to start my work day again)
    You guys were the reason I was able to pull that out without going crazy, I had your new episodes and the library of older episodes to keep me company and laugh instead of crawling to a corner and cry.

    What I’m trying to say is “thank you!”. I wasn’t aware of the kickstarter funding you were having to bring back Retronauts or I would have chipped in, but since after that hard period on work I was able to get a generous promotion, I believe you deserve part of the credit, be certain that I’ll be there to help with the funding when (not “if”, because I’m certain you will be successful with this season) the next season is on your plans.

  15. cronson

    Will you guys post it to the Zune marketplace?

  16. Xaqar

    Chrontendo’s home is at – the link is wrong. Great to see you guys back!

  17. Albatross

    It’s the first day of work for the week, I’ve already missed the early train. Fuck it. I’m going to call in sick and listen to Retronauts on the couch.

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  19. Neil

    Thank you guys again for keeping the show going.

  20. If you’re pulling your hair out using iTunes 11, wondering where in the hell the File menu is, push Ctrl+B.

  21. Can you please put it up on Stitcher?

  22. Sean C

    Great episode! I’ve been following along with the great US Gamer articles that compliment this topic, but hearing a discussion and commentary are really great. Easily on par or better than the best Retronauts episodes of the past. I am very excited for the next year based on the quality of this episode and the format you have established. And you all work so well together bringing the depth of your combined retro knowledge into such interesting discussions. And having Dr. Sparkle on was great. He seemed to fit into the panel as if you’ve had him on for years. (You may be some of the few people who have seen his true identity!) can’t wait for next week. And thanks for including a retro update segment talking about current retro releases. I really appreciate informed coverage and discussion of new retro games or franchises being re-released. Once again thank you for making this happen. When you have true creative control on a project and do it on your own terms, the quality really shows.

  23. Hugh

    Might want to post a backer update on Kickstarter for those who don’t regularly visit

  24. Christopher McTiernan

    Is it crazy that the theme song is almost exactly what I imagined it would be? It’s just so… Anamanaguchi. By which I mean amazing, of course. Great debut and wonderful to have you guys back on the air. I choose to believe that the choir of yoga singers was celebrating your return as well.

  25. Super Boy Alan

    Chrontendo and Retronauts collide? Best crossover ever. Looking forward to listening to this one.

  26. _u_n_d_e_r_s_c_o_r_n_

    Listening and knowing new epsiodes are coming makes me warm and fuzzy inside. So does yoga singing. You did well to remain focused throughout. Also, props to the first mystery guest. Will be checking out his website.

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  28. Glad to see Retronauts return!

  29. Anzion

    Great show guys. keep up the good work! How much of a bribe would it take to get you guys to do a shmup or Treasure games episode?

  30. I just checked this out because I got a kickstarter update email which said the iTunes feed wouldn’t be ready for a few weeks. Well, I followed instructions in that email to subscribe, and it immediately started downloading the first episode. So, I’m guessing the iTunes feed is ready to go. Subscribe away! I’ll listen to it on my way to work tomorrow. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  31. cb

    I enjoyed this episode immensely, and learned a heck of a lot. It never occurred to me that Sega’s arcade success actually kept them from committing to consoles as fully as Nintendo at the time.