Retronauts Episode 90: Yeah, it’s about music again

Things have changed with the podcast of late (NOTE: The back catalog pay wall is now down, hooray), but what hasn’t changed is that we keep putting out rad stuff every Monday. Such as this third Retronauts Radio entry, which takes on a different form than the previous two episodes:

Namely, it’s a conversation between myself and Bob on only two topics. One is the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: 30th Anniversary Concert CD (that link leads to CDJapan, as it appears to have sold out on Amazon). The second is more of a music-themed Retronauts topic discussion; rather than tackling a recent music release, we’ve instead delved into the history of Nintendo’s incidental music.

The second topic was inspired by Bob’s recent Wii retrospective and all the fantastic music that appeared in the system’s channels, as well as my “Nintendo Power” Game Boy flash ROM Gintendo stream. Both reminded me just how much love and care Nintendo invests into menu and system music, which is an area most developers and publishers put very little effort into. So we go hunting through the history of Nintendo incidental music, including some exotic imports, and come up with our best findings. As with all of our music-themed episodes, I hope you enjoy it!

Episode description: Bob joins in for a slightly different episode of Retronauts Radio! We discuss the recent CD release of the 30th anniversary Zelda concert series and look at the history of incredible incidental music in Nintendo’s non-game apps.

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Music in this episode comes from precisely where we say it does, basically. The Zelda CD, Game Boy Camera, Mario Paint, etc. etc. The one mystery track is the outro, which is the “Elegance” Hanafuda 3DS theme’s music. Which is rad, and whoever suggested it (sorry, I lost your name!) is also rad.

And be sure to save the artwork above to add to your download, since (once again) PC1 weirdly doesn’t retain individual episode artwork when we upload the files.


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15 Responses to Retronauts Episode 90: Yeah, it’s about music again

  1. Rhett

    This episode of Retronauts Radio really worked for me, in a way that previous ones didn’t. Love the conversational approach. Keep being awesome, Retronauts!

  2. econmara


  3. Crazy. I was just about to send an email for the email response thingy for the Gameboy Camera music…

  4. Nathan Daniels

    Liked the episode, sirs! Your Ninmenu portion of the episode makes a great companion piece to VGMpire’s Menu episode:

    Whereas they covered a lot of systems regardless of manufacturer, you guys really went for the deep Nintendo cuts. Good stuff!

  5. TheBigSnit

    I was half listening to the podcast, and half playing Blaster Master Zero…so did you guys mention the very underrated GameCube menu music?

  6. Fleemj

    The “Subscribe (RSS)” link at the top of the retronauts page is still pointing at Will that link start picking up from the podcastone RSS feed, or does the link need to be updated to point here?

  7. who is the illustrator doing this cover art? this one + last week’s were incredible.

  8. Lizard Dude

    There are actually 3 different GameCube boot-up jingles: 0 Z-buttons held down (standard), 1-3 Z-buttons held down (squeaks and marimba into a child’s giggle), and all 4 Z-buttons held down (tsuzumi drum with kakegoe shouts into a triangle hit).

    I remember knowing about single-Z early on but I didn’t find out about four-Z boot-up until years later and it blew my freakin’ mind.

  9. Brent Pappas

    Hahaha that ending really caught me off guard! I have the Hanafuda theme on my 3DS, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to hear that featured on an episode of Retronauts! When I heard I first thought “Wait a second, my 3DS is no where near me…?” Seriously though, you guys chose wonderful music for this episode, and it turned out great.

  10. manny_c44

    Apparently at the time of Mozart if the crowd wasn’t reacting loudly with cheers and applause during a performance it was assumed the music was bad, only later did people start reserving applause until the end of a performance (or so I have read).