Retronauts Micro 58: Zelda Treasure Jingle Quiz

Hey everyone, this Micro episode is a little late this week; we both spent all day on airplanes en route to Midwest Gaming Classic. Thanks for bearing with us, and enjoy the show.

Episode description: Since we’ve all got Breath of the Wild on the brain, why not celebrate The Legend of Zelda’s most unsung musical moments? On this episode of Retronauts Micro, join Bob Mackey, Chris Antista, Henry Gilbert, and Brett Elston as the crew assembles to put their knowledge of Zelda’s famous “doo doo doo DOOOO” ditty to the test. You know the one we’re talking about.

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This episode’s sponsors include: BarkBox, Audible, and Casper Mattresses


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4 Responses to Retronauts Micro 58: Zelda Treasure Jingle Quiz

  1. DarthEnderX

    Man, when the Micro episode is actually micro in length, you really feel that 5 minute commercial break…

  2. Ira Humphrey

    This was a fun show, and a nice sort of interstitial piece to the regular informative episodes. I apologize if this is written elsewhere on the website, but who does the custom art for the episode headings? It reminds me of some of the whimsical art on old Nintendo Power covers.

  3. Purple Comet

    You guys really missed a chance to troll us with a Wand of Gamelon jingle

  4. dc12

    Fun show indeed.

    If only there was a “Birdbox” for Bird enthusiasts like Bob.