Expanded Tiers, New Additions, and a Hint of Things to Come

Well, the weekend has come and gone, and we just squeaked past $30,000 — no doubt thanks to the help of sites like PolygonKotaku, and Tiny Cartridge, who each gave us some helpful publicity. Thanks, dudes! If you happen to be connected to a video game site and would like to write about our Kickstarter, let us know — we’d be more than willing to give you a tasty quote and a shout-out of our own.

That said, you may have noticed we’ve already met our new theme song stretch goal (hooray!), and if what we want to happen actually happens, well, you’d best order some new socks because the ones on your feet will undoubtedly be knocked off. We’ll try to give you more information on this as soon as we can!

And, once again, we’ve expanded our reward tiers — so if you missed out on ordering a DVD or the illustrious combo pack, you’re in luck! We’ve also added a new tier which can net you an original, framed piece of video game fan art for a $250 donation. So far, we’ve enlisted Bill MudronRusty ShacklesNick Daniel, and K.C. Green – even our own Jeremy Parish will be lending his talents to this reward tier. And we’re currently in the process of finding other artists who’d like to contribute. We’ll be sure to let you know more on this as soon as we do.

We’ll also be working with the fine people at Fangamer to make sure our rewards are of the highest quality. They’ll also be contributing some amazing merch to reward tiers we hope to announce very soon. (Geez, don’t we sound like a broken record?)

In closing, we’re coming incredibly close to hitting our next stretch goal, which will give Retronauts the power to create video content — and we have some great ideas that will entertain and delight you. So please, spread the word! We’d definitely appreciate it. And just in case you’re not aware, here are all of our Internet haunts:


3 thoughts on “Expanded Tiers, New Additions, and a Hint of Things to Come

  1. Congrats on reaching $36K, Retronauts! In regards to the video content that you’ll be able to create now that you’ve reached this goal, will you be putting it on YouTube? If so, I suggest putting it on Vimeo instead. While there’s no way of definitively proving so, I can assure you that I’m no shill from Vimeo. The reason I suggest this platform is because they have a sort of tip jar system where viewers can support video creators. Given the very supportive audience that you very obviously have, this modest means of revenue would still yield greater returns than a partnered YouTube channel. A simple “If you enjoy our podcast or this video, we’d appreciate it if you clicked that tip jar below” is all it would take!

  2. Here’s to Retronauts becoming a full website someday! Wouldn’t that be the dream? The 1up community would definitely find a home here. Bob, Jeremy, and Ray could host podcasts, record videos, and write articles for a living. They might be able to pick some of us up as freelance writers for the site too!

    Thanks for all the “free” entertainment you guys have provided me throughout the past six years, I thought it was about time I could contribute something.

    P.S. If you guys ever do another Metroid episode, you definitely have to bring Jen back to defend Metroid 2.

  3. It sucks that past Retronauts material is permanently hostage to the whims of evil Uncle Ziff, but at least the name and logo have escaped to fight another day.
    While I always adored the Retronauts theme and am sad to see it go, I am suuuuuper intrigued about what the new song may be. As long as it keeps up the old 8bit or 16bit sensibilities, I’m sure it will be glorious nonetheless.

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