Looking For a Few Good Cons

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Hello, listeners!

As we roll Retronauts into 2014, we want to get at least one other live show in the can, and would really like to hit the eastern US this time around. But we’re a bit ignorant of everything that’s out there. “PAX East!” you scream — and though that’s nice and all, we’d like to expand our horizons and consider cool cons from all along the eastern seaboard.

So, please, let us know of any conventions on the east coast that you think would be a good fit for a Retronauts show! We’ll consider any suggestion (or invitation, if you happen to be in charge), though it will get bonus points if it:

-Falls on a weekend: Sure, what doesn’t? Well, the ones we probably won’t be at.
-Is respectably sized: It doesn’t have to let in 7,000 people a day, but it’d be great if it’s in a city that attracts more than just the next town over.
-Is video game-centric: Naturally, though we mention it because while cons for comics, anime, etc. can be larger, there’s greater competition in getting in.

That’s about it. Please leave a comment or message here, or our other venues (Twitter, Facebook) and we’ll see what we can do. Hope to see you on the other side. Of the country.


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22 Responses to Looking For a Few Good Cons

  1. Tadale

    I’d love to see you guys come to Atlanta – MomoCon is in May, and is partly gaming focused.


  2. Spikey

    Magfest (magfest.org) sounds like it fits the bill.

  3. Roto13

    Fan Expo in Toronto isn’t video game specific (it’s more like a general nerd convention for all sorts of things), it’s pretty big and I’d definitely go see you guys there.

  4. jimtwo

    Too Many Games in Philadelphia might be worth checking out: http://toomanygames.com/

    • unoclay

      I’ll second Too Many Games. It’s gotten pretty big and the retro-game flea-marketplace is very sizable. Fun times, been there 3 years and it keeps expanding.

      • Amanda Cameron

        I’ve been listening since the 1UP days and your podcast is great! Anyway, I definitely vote for Too Many Games.

  5. Chris

    Check out Momocon in Atlanta, may be just what you are looking for.

  6. McClain

    While Dragon Con is not entirely a video game con, it does have a growing video game track, and I think a Retronauts panel would be great for the con and you guys. Last year there was an amazing Saints Row panel I went to, and because of the nature of Dragon Con it was surprisingly easy to get into and very relaxed (and, admittedly, kinda drunk).

    Of course, Dragon Con will once again fall on the same weekend as Pax Prime, which might take it out of the running right away. But if you are skipping the madness of Pax this year, please give Dragon Con a look. It’s a different kind of eclectic madness with a branch of video games thrown in with almost every other kind of nerdom.

    • Kirin

      Seconding DragonCon, even though it may not be quite the sort of thing you’re looking for. It’s humongous and general-nerddom, but also host to a lot of smaller interests in various tracks. I bet you could draw a comfortable crowd.
      And if you end up there I’ll promise to come to the show. 😉

  7. Ekkebus

    MAGFest would be pretty much perfect though it literally just happened so you’d have to wait until next January.

    From experience Too Many Games is not a very big convention and is mostly dealer oriented. It’s grown a little bit over the years but not by much. Only a few hundred people attend.

  8. While not a gaming show, Heroescon is a fairly ginormous annual comic convention in Charlotte NC. The next con should be in June. It was at one point the largest comic convention on the East Coast.

  9. Adam Campbell

    Fan Expo in Toronto would be my pick. It runs the last weekend of August, and has a section dedicated to video gaming.

  10. Its not on the East Coast, but I would highly suggest the Midwest Gaming Classic in Brookfield Wisconsin. Its a large event with an obvious emphasis on classic gaming and the event is pretty large.


  11. Scott K

    Magfest seems like the perfect convention for you, but you probably need to get in contact with them sooner rather than later, because they run 72 non-stop hours with their panels and concerts

  12. Jarel Jones

    Thirding MAGFest. The timing is unfortunate, as MAG 12 was just this past weekend, so like Ekkebus mentioned, you’d have to wait to do this panel until January 2015. But it’s inherently video game-related (the acronym stands for Music and Gaming Festival), it’s sizable (it broke 12,000 for attendance this time around, and had such big name guests as Nobuo Uematsu, Yuzo Koshiro, Kinuyo Yamashita, Grant Kirkhope, and Chris Huelsbeck in past years), it’s on the border of Washington D.C. and so as convenient as it’s gonna be as far as max distance for traveling folks between Maine and Florida (and regularly has people from out of country come, it’s that big an event for game fans), and it always falls on a weekend (generally the weekend immediately after New Years).

  13. This might be too new/small, but I think many ATL TTers are planning to attend…


  14. JohnLearned

    I know that this isn’t exactly a large convention, by the Midwest and East Coast have lots of large barcades that you can go to: The Emporium in Chicago, B Side in Cleveland, and the various “original” Barcades in Brooklyn all come to mind

  15. Teh Lurv

    Another vote for Magfest. I attended the con last weekend, Retronauts would’ve fit in perfectly there. I hope Retronauts decides to attend the next Magfest.

  16. Brian Joiner

    I have to agree with the lot off people here. MAGFest is a great Festival to attend. It is a lot of Video Game music played by live bands and lots of panels. Also Too Many Games I have heard is great. I haven’t been there yet but I have been to MAGFest it is allways a blast.

  17. Paul Thacker

    I’d love to see you guys at the Louisville Arcade Expo. I went a couple of years ago and they had a great selection of both arcade machines and consoles set up to play. It’s a good venue and drew a pretty big crowd.