Where do we go now?

At this point, I can’t imagine our Kickstarter won’t reach its next stretch goal of $52,000. We still have nearly a third of the Kickstarter campaign to go, and we’re less than $4,000 away. That tier, as mentioned, will pay airfare and accommodations for the three of us to attend three different conventions or shows somewhere in the U.S. and — convention organizers willing — present a live panel to you. Provided you are at the show. And, if not, we’ll have to record and publish them in our new, forthcoming podcast RSS feed instead.

With the 52K mark so close at hand, we need to start thinking about our convention plans for the year. Retronauts has been a presence at PAX and PAX East for an alarming number of years now, and it would make sense for us to maintain that tradition… but is that too easy an answer? We know classic gaming conventions happen all around the country, and even events like New York Comic-Con may not be specifically tied to games but certainly have video game connections. I think we’re all quite open to new ideas and opportunities.

So, we put the question to you, readers and followers: Which three conventions would you like to see us attend in 2013/14? Which cities should we drop classic gaming knowledge bombs on? We make no promises — and who knows, maybe we won’t quite make it to 52K after all, so it could end up being moot — but we have our fingers crossed and our minds open.


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24 Responses to Where do we go now?

  1. Ben Lancaster

    Play Expo, Manchester, UK 😉

  2. Ryan

    Please do something in NYC. For a huge city we do not get alot of video game events at all.

  3. ASandoval

    Either MAGFest (www.magfest.org) or TooManyGames (www.toomanygames.com), if for any other reason so I have the chance to attend. I’m not above selfish requests.

  4. Stephen Munn

    I think if the team can only go to three conventions, they should probably be classic gaming conventions. Shows like PAX and E3 get abundant coverage all over the web. As much as I’ve enjoyed the PAX stuff in the past, I’m not as beholden to tradition as my love for retro gaming might suggest.

  5. I think PAX Prime and East and Classic Gaming Expo make the most sense. Maybe you could make it to a couple others that don’t require a flight too, like California Extreme.

    I have Sweet Child O’ Mine stuck in my head now.

  6. Well, I would love it if you made a trip up north for the Calgary Entertainment Expo, but I suspect that’s low on your priority list. 🙂

  7. Tony Todoroff

    I definitely think something for us midwesterners would be amazing. I know there’s the Video Game Summit in Chicago, but anything else around the Michigan/Ohio/Illinois area would be absolutely fantastic.

    The other conventions you guys do would make sense on each coast–something in California and something in New York, most likely. You just gotta make sure not to forget the rest of us saps who live in the great span between the coasts!

  8. Tonch

    I’d really love to see you guys come to PAX East again… I wasn’t able to go this year, so I missed out on the panel this time. It’d be great to see a Retronauts panel next year!

  9. Adam Campbell

    PAX and PAX East would make sense, but adding FAN EXPO in Toronto would be great.

  10. I’m not as in-the-know about gaming conventions as I wish I were (since I can’t afford to go to them all), so my thoughts might be naive:

    I’d definitely say to keep both PAXen on the docket. I’ve always enjoyed the PAX panel podcasts (even when things were said that I couldn’t hear) and I would absolutely love to visit one sometime.

    Does Classic Gaming Expo have panels? Maybe some convention less coastal for those of us more centrally located. Or maybe something wacky and international. I don’t know. I do know that I can (and intend to) make it to a PAX every so often, so I’d love to see you guys there.

  11. chris ralph

    toronto comic con, if you guys are there it would be awesome

  12. I would love to see you guys still make it to PAXEast next year. Personally it has now become a tradition for me to be in the front row since PAXEast started. The west coast gets you guys enough. Share the love with your east coast fans! I hope you guys make it to $100,000. I know I would donate more if I could! Keep up the great work even if you don’t make it to PAXEast again. I know I’ll keep listening!

  13. Rin

    I plan to attend Pax East next year, so if you -did- do one there, it would be much appreciated. Wherever you go on the mid-north east coast, I will follow.

  14. Alex Forsyth

    I say stick with PAX Prime because I’m going to that one. Keep the mainstay and then you can go to MGC or wherever different you want with the other too.

  15. Portland Retro Gaming Expo! PAX Prime and East.

  16. Aaron

    I’m happy for any good convention, but really try to talk with the convention holders to get good quality recordings of the panels! Audio only is fine.

  17. Chris Mag

    Even though I’m from the US, I think doing a non-North American appearance would be great.

  18. Alistair Bee

    PAX Australia.

    I contributed to the kickstarter, and I’m sure there is probably someone else in the country that did.


  19. Jennifer Ho

    It’s not due to tradition, just selfishness, because it’s where I’m most likely to be: PAX Prime. Or the Portland Retro Gaming Expo?

  20. The Midwest Gaming Classic up here in Milwaukee. There’s a HUGE museum area (fully playable with just about every system/computer ever released both domestic and import), large arcade presence and lots of pinball. Large vending space, too. It’s a great show that’s grown completely grassroots for over 10 years. It gets a little crowded but it’s an awesome time if you’re into anything retro.