This week in Retronauts, we go (Captain) Commando

We’ve had a string of NES-themed episodes based on backer requests lately, but this will be the last of them (at least for a while): A look into the NES years of Capcom.

retronauts pocket 19 cover

I have more to say about this topic (courtesy of a separate backer request), so I won’t belabor the details now. But basically, Capcom started out as an arcade developer with an internal division dedicated to creating Famicom/NES ports of their coin-op titles. In time, though, the home console division took on a life of its own, creating some of the finest original (and semi-original) titles of the 8-bit era.

Or at the official episode description says:

By our powers combined! (With the backing of Larry Froncek.) We delve into Capcom’s NES years, also known as the point at which a fledgling arcade developer became a world-class console powerhouse.

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The music this episode all comes from various Mega Man games, because, hey.


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10 Responses to This week in Retronauts, we go (Captain) Commando

  1. CRV

    As it turns out, the people that worked on NES GnG were from Capcom, except maybe the programmer. I don’t know if he was part of another company or just an independent contractor. I would guess the other Capcom games had a similar arrangement. That’s why I don’t like talking about “Micronics” – too little information.

  2. DarthEnderX

    Bah! NES Capcom only gets a pocket episode? That’s like one of the longest topics I can think of to talk about!

    I don’t like you guys handwaving things as “We talked about that in the 1up days, so we don’t have to talk about it again.”

    I want those old topics to be revisited at some point.

  3. Chris G.

    I had a similar complaint about these backer-requested episodes, but I realize that isn’t any of the ‘Nauts team’s fault. The game media / Nintendo Power topics were sort of redundant, although both episodes were great. I hope in Season Four you guys have a little more economic freedom and can rely less on backer-requests.

    You’re all much nicer than me, I would have asked certain backers to pick different topic. This season overall has been fantastic.

  4. Kevin

    People love that NES, that’s for sure.

    I find it interesting that, as a kid, Capcom and Konami were basically the “go to” third party developers that you could pretty much always count on. Not so much the case now, but even now when I’m digging around to find famicom games, as soon as I see either company’s name on the label, I’m pretty much sold. I’m really fascinated just how well they transitioned from arcade to console.

  5. Thanks for not tearing into Trojan, since it’s usually just dismissed whenever its name is brought up during podcasts (I’m kind of sentimental about it). It’s just a fun little game for the NES’ early years.

    Though, I do wonder how it skirted by Nintendo’s policy-makers, who, if the history is correct, didn’t want straight ports on their system. Trojan is not what I’d call fully faithful, but it’s still dangerously close.

  6. Cory

    I, like Ray, loved me some Mega Man 4 but could never find Megaman games in stores. I had to rent it over and over while keeping a personal file of all those grid passwords and boss strategies on graph paper between rentals. I even found some additional passwords written in the manual “NOTES” page from a previous renter. I felt a little naughty using these unearned passwords to advance through some tough fights, and I secretly gave thanks to the forever nameless and unknowing gamer who helped me through. What a funny way to have experienced a game.

    Another great show, thanks guys!

  7. Tato

    A fun little pocket episode, thanks for posting. I may have missed it, but I don’t think Legendary Wings got brought up, which is understandable since it’s not a very remarkable game. That’s another one where they kind of spruced up the home game, but it definitely wasn’t a radical departure from the arcade version.

    I remember hearing that it also never came out in Japan, just like NES Strider, but I’m not sure if that’s true.

  8. Sean C

    Very cool episode. Section Z definitely one of the few games that I thought the NES port was way better than the arcade. I’m one of those quirky people who loved Ghost and Goblins. I can remember a a Summer of trying to beat that game with friends. I’ll agree its frustrating as hell. But I also have to agree with Ray that the gameplay at least is pretty authentic to the arcade. Not a great game but very nostalgic for me. I really missed out on the late era NES Capcom games as I had moved on to 16-bit gaming on the Genesis at that point. And my friends had moved on to Super NES. So it was good hearing about them as well. Since the advent of emulators I had played the arcade version of Little Nemo. But I never played the NES one. Since it’s not likely to see a re release, I should probably check it put sometime.

    I also love how Jeremy tried to take a backseat talking about Mega Man but came back in talk about it. Can’t keep a true Mega Man fan down. His insights about that series are always good.