We Deal with ‘Nauts of the Police Variety on Retronauts Pocket 23

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Hey, everyone—Bob here, with an episode that’s been struggling to reach you for months. We originally recorded this one waaay back in December, but lost the original audio. That’s nearly the worst thing that can happen in podcasting, second only to having your equipment catch fire and slow-roast you to death in a tiny studio. But I’m happy we could make it work, because Policenauts is one of those games everyone seems to know about, but few have actually played. I used to be one of these unfortunate souls until I found the time late last year to sit down and plow through one of the few Hideo Kojima games I never experienced. It’s by no means as important or well-crafted as Metal Gear Solid, but Policenauts still carries all the charms of a Kojima work — and that just might be enough to inspire you to give it a try.

Joining us for this episode is Michael Sawyer — AKA Slowbeef — who worked on the complete fan translation released in 2009. I’m also a big fan of his Retsupurae channel, which means you should be, too! How are we ever going to turn this thing into a cult without ideological purity?

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This episode’s description:

“Esteemed game designer Hideo Kojima has had his hands full with Metal Gear (exclusively) for the past 15 years, but once upon a time his games featured far fewer nanomachines. On this installment of Retronauts Pocket, we take a long, hard look at Policenauts, Kojima’s 1994 adventure game that signaled the end of his brief flirtation with this genre. Join Bob Mackey, Ray Barnholt, and Michael Sawyer (AKA Slowbeef) for the next 45 minutes, and learn all about the wonders of Lethal Weapon in space.”

The music tracks used in this episode are The End of Beyond and Opening Title – Old L.A. 2040 from the Policenauts soundtrack (by Tappi Iwase, Masahiro Ikariko, and Motoaki Furukawa).

Relevant Links:

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Retroware.tv’s Policenauts Retrospective

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7 Responses to We Deal with ‘Nauts of the Police Variety on Retronauts Pocket 23

  1. SereneCrimson

    Wow! If I had won that iTunes review contest, I was going to request a Snatcher/Policenauts episode. As well as suggesting having Slowbeef as a guest.

    I suppose it was that good of an idea that it had already been put forth!

  2. Jackson

    Thanks for this! Snatcher and Policenauts are some of the favorite games ever, and it’s quite a joy to listen to you luminaries pore over this absolute PS1 classic.

  3. econmara

    Hooray!!!!!!!! I love this game.

  4. I was actually blown away that nanomachines were a thing in Snatcher to magic away Gillian’s injuries if you got hurt during the shooting sequences. It really gave some context as to why Kojima constantly uses them in Metal Gear. It’s like he’s making weird obscure references to himself more than anything. I actually think all that stuff is clever now more than hackneyed.

  5. Chris Cates

    This episode made my 2 year old scream, “Mendozaaaaaa!” from the backseat.

    Now he runs around screaming it randomly. It’s awesome. Thank you.

  6. Great podcast episode. I loved snatcher when I played it on the SEGA CD with a Konami Justifier a few years ago. I have Policenauts ready to go on the Ouya (with in itself totally justified the price tag of the Ouya).

  7. Awesome episode! I absolutely loved the translation and the story behind it. I played through the translation last year, and saw the documentary on it as well, and have been fascinated since.

    Thanks for making the translation, and the ‘nauts for giving it the coverage it deserves.