Retronauts Pocket Episode 24: Skyblazer

Mega Man without the guns? Or is it Hook without the… hook? One thing is for sure: it’s Skyblazer, a fun action game for the Super NES from Sony Imagesoft, the developers’ follow-up to their game based on the movie Hook. Skyblazer was not flashy nor an anticipated sequel, which didn’t help its chances in 1994, going up against some of the biggest soon-to-be-classics of the generation. And that’s a shame, because it is a challenging, well put-together action game with with a focus on close-range fighting, occasional acrobatics, and getting past enemies that take too much of your health.

We talk about this and more on the show — including developer Ukiyotei’s other work, more of Skyblazer’s similarities to Mega Man, and of course, a strong suggestion that you seek it out and play it.

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6 Responses to Retronauts Pocket Episode 24: Skyblazer

  1. Sam

    When it comes to covering individual games, you guys are hitting all my nostalgic sweet spots, Destiny of an Emperor, Joe and Mac and now Skyblazer. I’m loving it.

  2. Ron Newcomb

    I’d call Skyblazer a lot of wonderful things, but challenging isn’t one of them. This was the game I’d play if I just wanted to hit buttons and jump platforms.

    Comet Dash for the win, baby!

  3. Skyblazer is a cool game. Really cool to hear about the Capcom connection in this one, I had no idea. Interestingly enough, I bought Skyblazer years ago when Gamestop was clearing out their SNES games thinking I was buying Soul Blazer. I just remembered playing a “Blazer” game and thought this was it, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started to play it regardless. I don’t remember what I paid, but it had to be under 5 dollars and now it seems to go for over 30! Weird. Side note: Also bought Metal Warriors that day for under 10 dollars.

    Also, connecting the Capcom dots a bit more, Jeremy mentioned how this game has ledge grabbing which wasn’t seen in 2D platformers much then, but Capcom actually made great use of edge grabbing in Aladdin a year prior.

    And I agree with Bob’s “yuck” on Actraiser 2. Beautiful game though.

  4. I will also agree to completely writing off this game for first being from Sony Imagesoft, and secondly, also believing it was a ripoff of a Quintet game–while not even taking the time to play it.

    I always grouped Sony Imagesoft with companies like Ocean, TH-Q, etc. So I didn’t even think twice to look at it. But after hearing you guys talk about it, I’m tempted to do a playthrough.

    Another great episode.

  5. I’m really curious about Kenshi Naruse’s past… all anyone seems to know is that he’s a “former employee of Capcom”, but not what he did there or what his alias was in the ’80s. Since he’s the founder and president of Ukiyotei AND personally designed many of their games, I don’t expect him to have been either a green employee with no credits, nor a suit who didn’t have anything to do with game development.
    Fascinating stuff…