So, we’re funded, and then some. Guess we’re on the hook for podcasts through tax day 2014, huh?

Our Kickstarter King, Bob, will be rolling out stretch goals throughout the weekend. Alternative podcasts, videos, live events… honestly, I can’t remember what all we had planned. I’m sure it’ll be neat-o, though. Keen, even.

9 thoughts on “Whoa

  1. Keen is all I could ask for. That, and the occasional visit from Retronuats alumni. (Hopefully you guys can get some Shane, Kohler, Cifaldi, or Sharkey in there.) Congratulations gentlemen!

  2. I’m laid off for at least another month, but $10 is the least I could do after 6+ years of entertainment and even being able to contribute my silly little childhood story about my mom and The Legend of Zelda on the first live episode. This made my day. Thanks guys!

  3. Wow that went really fast. 3 hours is mindblowing. Is that some kind of record? Anyway, I’m so glad we all get to listen to more Retronauts. 😀

    Congratulations on the success!

  4. So now that the actual URL is finally being used, I think one of the stretch goals should be to turn Retroknots.com into a unlicensed facsimile of dubious origin.

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