By request, we explore the Chrongaming mini-craze

So, I feel that it’s really important to preface this post with the disclaimer that this episode is a Kickstarter backer request (one of the last in the slushpile). I mention this because otherwise this episode will seem almost offensive self-indulgent and navel-gazing. While many Kickstarter backers requested we tackle one of a variety of episode topics, Sean Clements had but one demands: Talk about chrongaming.

Chrongaming, of course, would be the practice of exploring a console’s entire library in chronological order; the best-known venture out there is Dr. Sparkle‘s Chrontendo, which catalogs the history of Nintendo’s NES/Famicom in exhaustive detail. So of course we asked the good doctor to join us again, following on from his appearance in our very first Kickstarted episode. (Although as we learn here, Dr. Sparkle calls it “chronogaming,” not “chrongaming.” Live and learn, Sean!) Less famous, but rather closer to home, is my very own Game Boy World project, which aims to do the same thing as Chrontendo, except for the Game Boy platform, which is much less popular as a retrogaming topic than the NES. Even Dr. Sparkle wanted nothing to do with it!

So, needless to say, it’s the two of us and Bob jabbering about our own work for 80 minutes. Or airing out our sick personal obsessions, if you prefer. My apologies to all, but the people demanded it. Or at least one person. The tyranny of crowdfunding, eh?

Can a podcast be self-indulgent if the topic was provided by someone else? The famous Dr. Sparkle joins us to fulfill Sean Clements’ Kickstarter topic request: Chrongaming. Join us as we psychoanalyze our own obsessive-compulsive behavior!

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Music in the episode comes from NES “brototype” game Shatterhand, which I’ve never really played… but damn does that soundtrack rock.


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  1. Man……..that cover is awesome!

    Nice to see some behind the scenes info from one of my other fav sites. Generation 16 is really good as well–but I do think you guys (read: chrongamers) all have your own unique spin to it. In other words: it may be pizza, but all have your particular way of preparing it.

    It was interesting to note that the episodes were on Pretty smart place for hosting.

    • Sean C

      I kind of like that everyone has their own flavor. Honestly I think because no one wants to straight up copy Chrontendos format. They all are different enough to be unique. And archive .org is the way to go if you can. Chontendo,Sega,Turbo are all on there as well as generation 16. With these older consoles it’s a must. Because they offer 60 fps raw video versions there. Until YouTube fully rolls out 60 fps videos for everyone, all these retro videos are missing frames and look not as good. Notably stuff like thunder force 3 where the transparent shield effect is missing because it cyles every other frame. And numerous other glitches where frames get truncated to 30 fps. Watching the 60 fps versions, even on the NES games makes a world of difference.

      The videos there will work on most modern TVs , Bluray players, and set top boxes with USB support if you dont want to watch on PC. In fact that’s how I watched Chrontendo originally, downloaded the episode to my thumb drive and watched them through my blu ray player.

  2. Adam Fitch

    I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I hope you talk more about prog rock in this one, too.

    • Nathan Daniels

      I’m missing an in-joke here, but I’m glad you brought up prog rock.

      I’m late to the Retronauts game, but I’m loving it; you guys have opened my horizons to Chrontendo and Generation 16, among other things. Specifically regarding prog rock, I discovered Retronauts too late to comment on the Proggy pocket episode. So I’ll mention it here: Tim Follin. Tim Follin. Tim Follin. I’m assuming you’ve all heard it already, but let me point out Follin’s Akrillic(, which is definitely in my top 5 all-time best game tracks. It very much sounds like E.L.P.(not to be confused with El-P, which is for another type of show all together). Jeremy, I would guess you’d love this one.

      Regarding the episode, I had not yet experienced Chrontendo or its spinoffs, so the fact that Chronsega was mentioned late in the episode made it very confusing when Mr. Sparkle listed Phantasy Star 2 in his list of long episodes toward the beginning of the show.

      Incidentally, I’ll agree that Last Battle is a turd of a game, but my nostalgia towards it is this: My friend, whose parents made a good deal more than mine, got a Genesis, Last Battle, and brand new Sony headphones that first Christmas. We were in awe of the stereo effect when the main character did his finishing punch on the bosses. Incidentally, the Indie electro band Power Glove uses that sample at the end of their creepy song “Night Force”. I recognized it immediately.

  3. Franco Chan

    Thank God for show notes! I couldn’t go to bed without finding out what game that music was from! I knew I recognized that soundtrack! Thanks for an awesome episode again (as usual).

  4. Sean C

    Great episode. I thought I’d share the original links for some chronogaming site from the email I sent for this topic. (Because it’s way easier than researching all these again.) plus a few that I was made aware of since then.


    Probrably the first to try this format was the chronogamer over at Atari Age. Starting in 2005 his goal was simply to start on 1973 and play every console game ever released in chronological order.

    .Currently active sites and series:


    And of course he expanded to do the sister series ChronSega covering the Master system and Genesis games then Chronturbo.While he is slowly adding old episodes to YouTube his complete videos in high quality can be found on here

    Generation 16 Genesis and Megadrive Chronogaming:

    And his videos are on YouTube under user sewartg. As well as on Archive. He also does a Sega CD blog covering every game but it is in alphabetical order and not chronological.

    Then there is the computer RPG addict. Plays every computer RPG in roughly chronological order.

    Also is the RPG consoler. Playing every console RPG released in the US in chronological order. Also streams his plays on twitch TV. And ranks the games after playing.

    And of course Dylan Cornelius site Sega Does. Reviewing every game on every Sega console. It’s a great read. Especially the SG-1000 stuff. Also has a podcast where they talk about all the games 5 at a time as they go and other current and retro gaming happenings. It’s on iTunes under Sega does.

    Somewhat newish video series chronicling PS games called play station year one. I don’t know if he is going past year one.

    There is the Super Nintendo Chronicles on YouTube. But it’s still kind of early. Only 4 or so games so far.

    Then is Ages of Sega. Stockaded with the Sega Needs channel. I don’t know if they are still making videos or not. But he is making chronological Sega videos starting with the SG-1000. The guy is Zachary Clifton and going through SG-1000 games. Since it’s not a dedicated channel you have to find them on the Sega Nerds channel. Here is a link to the first episode.

    Currently Defunct chronogaming sites:

    There is Kevin Giffords I love the PC engine blog posts on his website at magweasel.

    He stopped somewhere in 2011 and stopped his blogs completely for a long time and only recently started posting again (And then stopped) But no new posts in his PC Engine chronogaming series yet.

    There was the NES chronogaming website juggle chainsaws that was quite good. He was merely chronicling every US NES release. Sadly his website is lost to time as of a couple of months ago but can be viewed on the internet archive.

    There was also a great blog called Pre Sonic Genesis covering all the Mega Drive games in order released prior to Sonic. Had good write ups and even recorded two podcasts and a best music of that years releases episode.
    Sadly from what I can surmise he must have graduated college or something all updates stopped over 3 years ago.

    He even had started to tackle another blog playing all D and D games in chronological order but that blog went dead as well.

    Another great blog was covering all GBA releases in chronological order. Unfortunately it ceased updating in 2010.

    That’s all I got. Well except of course Game Boy World. But if your reading this site you know about that one. Thanks again for doing this episode and catering to my obsession, and getting Dr. sparkle on the show.

  5. cddb

    Forget ELP; this episode references both Einstürzende Neubauten AND Can.

  6. Wow….crazy dope. Thanks for all that!