Listener mail call time again: Final Fantasy V

Friends, we’re a mere two weeks out from our next Retronauts recording session weekend (we have to do them more frequently now that we’re committed to producing more episodes, you see). As with our previous sessions, I’d like to call for some listener mail to be read aloud on the show, time permitting.

The first of our March recording sessions will continue our Final Fantasy deep-dive series with the fifth game in the franchise, sneakily known by the name Final Fantasy V. This was the second one with the amazing and flexible revamped Job System, and the first to skip a U.S. release on its original platform only to show up in a later console generation. It’s also the one to have inspired the Four Job Fiesta charity fundraiser series.

There’s a lot to say about this game! So, whether you discovered it as a 16-bit import game, checked it out in Final Fantasy Anthology on PlayStation, grabbed it on Game Boy Advance, or found it through some other means (we won’t ask), drop me an email at jparish [at] retronauts-dot-com. (You can respond via comments here or Twitter if you like, but, spoiler alert: I only pull up email-based comments during recording.)

Thanks, and look forward to a few more calls to action over the coming week!


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5 Responses to Listener mail call time again: Final Fantasy V

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Been playing FFV since I first picked it up used on a Japan trip 15 years ago. My question is regarding the original intended release for North America – do you know how far along they made it with localization, before they pulled the plug and switched efforts to making FFVI our FF3? I remember seeing screenshots in Nintendo Power; just curious as to the reason(s) surrounding its first pass in North American and European markets.

  2. dc12

    Are Nadia and Kat guest-starring?

  3. Kazin

    Email sent! Just played this for the first time a few weeks back, so I’m looking forward to this. Great game. Thinking about doing the FJF, always sounded fun.

  4. Man. This was without a doubt the toughest FF I played. I’m interested to see what you guys think of it.