Even More Tiers, and Some Stretch Goal News!

Thanks to everyone’s continued support, last night we broke $36,000, putting us on the track to produce original video content. Along with that, we’ve added two new reward tiers related to video: $200 (x48) to decide a game to be played during one of 48 hours of our planned marathon streams, and $225 (x13) to decide the topic of one of our short-form video projects.

But it doesn’t stop there! We have two other new tiers: $300 (x20) to decide a topic for a future retrospective article on Retronauts.com, and for two of the biggest spenders, you can give us $1000 and get a personal podcast in return. (We were going to call it a “personal pan podcast,” but it’s not a physical reward.) We’ve also bumped up the quantity on our custom art tier a bit, and added 50 more of our big prize packs.

We’re also hashing out new stretch goal milestones. Solid details are forthcoming, but we know that we’re going with a $78,000 goal, with which we’ll produce a Retronauts-exclusive Let’s Play series, likely from an established pro in the LP community. Other goals still being nailed down include additional marathon streams that may take after a certain Japanese TV show, and in time, we’ll figure out how much it’ll cost to bring in Scott Sharkey.

We can’t say thank you enough, so what’s one more? Thank you, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Even More Tiers, and Some Stretch Goal News!

  1. Bob,

    Love the podcast, have listened as long as I can remember. Glad to see it will live on. Keep kicking ass and chewing bubble gum.

  2. Great news, so stoked for you guys! (and for us!)

    With new consoles either out now or on the horizon, will Retronauts soon be encompassing the GCN/PS2/XBOX/Dreamcast generation as well?
    I think of the N64/PS1/Saturn gen as retro (and I assume most people agree), even though it was only two gens ago.

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