Generation wars

The Pokémon Company teased some kind of huge new Pokémon X/Y-related news that would be hitting the Internet this weekend. And, it turns out….


….it’s just a new version of mainstay character Mew. I have no opinion about this one way or another, but I can guarantee that if you visit the Pokémon forums somewhere like Something Awful or Reddit, you are gonna see so much anger about how this critter is destroying the legacy of [Mew/Mewtwo/the franchise/gaming/pop culture/human civilization]. In my experience, the single most important thing about Pokémon’s fan community is the way that it crystallizes the resentment and hostility inherent in the relationship between different generations of gamers. Folks who look back to their childhood and the crazy number of hours they invested into Pokémon Blue/Red 15 years ago generally hold fast to the conviction that only the first 151 pokémon have designs worth a damn; a deeply bitter rift exists between them and younger fans who are open to the more recent generations.

Am I correct in thinking this clash exists elsewhere among fans of other games? It’s just more veiled than with the Pokémon fanbase…?


by | April 6, 2013 · 11:53 PM

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  1. Raymond Fernandes

    I first played my little brothers Pokemon Red when it was becoming huge here 15 years ago. I enjoyed the game and even the anime to a certain extent even though I was high school and probably shouldn’t have. I played around with Snap and coliseum as well. I’ve never been any of the other eras of this series though.

    I don’t know if its the series’s lack of innovation or if 151 is the exact amount of Pokemon that I can give a shit about, but I never went back to it in game or animation form.

    I don’t resent this though. It’s like the new TMNT series on Nickelodeon. I don’t care whether its good to me or not. I’m angered by the art style. I’m not enraged by CGI. I’ve had my TMNT in my life an it gave me great joy. Let the young’uns have their turtles.

  2. Ryan Johnson

    I have always found the generational divide among final fantasy fans to be a hoot.
    I remember being at Gamedude in North Hollywood, without a doubt the greatest used game store ever… they even had a robust Dreamcast and Collecovision section. I went to the GBA section to pick up a FFVI cart, and was pondering the FFIV cart too. Somehow I was spotted by an uberfan who began extolling the virtues of the DS version and its 3D remake. This set off another guy nearby who began defending the 16bit entries… and somehow within seconds I became the unwitting catalyst and bemused bystander to 3 guys arguing over what the best FF was: FFVI, FFVII or FFX. Judging from their ages, it all boiled down to one fact: the FFVI fan grew up with the SNES; FFVII – the PSone; and FFX the PS2…
    Dragon Quest fans I tend to like more… they are just happy you like the series, too.