Timelines on the occasion of our Kickstarter anniversary

Oh, why hello there. Did you know that we kicked off the Revive Retronauts Kickstarter campaign a year ago today, based on what Bob tells me? It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago. But that’s because I’m old, and for old people, life is an ever-accelerating freight train hurtling toward death.

Though Vol. III of Retronauts didn’t begin in earnest until July 1, we wanted to pause a moment today to take stock of where this whole mad campaign has been. On the whole, I feel pretty good about how things have gone – the most important element of all this, the podcast itself, hasn’t missed a beat. Episode 18 Pocket goes up tomorrow, which is the… 39th episode overall, I think? Despite all the upheavals and changes we’ve had to deal with over the past year (including Ray finding a cool job and my being exiled to the East Coast), we’ve still managed to deliver a show every week since July 1. And we even produced a bonus episode for the holidays. The “third season” of Retronauts is on track to wrap up July 14, but we’ve actually decided to extend it slightly and produce a 27th episode and 27th Pocket episode so you get an even mix of the three different hosts filling your earholes. That means Vol. III now comes to an end on July 28th.

And then what? Well, we’ve decided we would in fact like to keep things going beyond that. Alas, that means we’ll need to drum up additional funding; between equipment needs, travel, studio rentals, and of course taxes, the coffers will be running low by the time we wrap the show. We haven’t pocketed the cash for ourselves; to be totally transparent, we agreed to set aside a very small amount for ourselves per episode, but I’m the only one who’s actually taken his stipend from the bank… and I used that money to pay for an extended Tokyo stay after TGS so I could record Dan Feit’s backer-requested episode. There’s been no looting, profiteering, or diving in the money bin like it’s a swimming pool. Basically, every cent we earned has been used for Retronauts. Thankfully, the original Kickstarter paid for all the equipment we need, so going forward any funds we source will essentially cover intangible expenses (rentals, event travel, web hosting, software licensing, etc.).

But! Before we consider how to extend the life of the show (which won’t necessarily happen with another Kickstarter campaign – we have a few possibilities on the table), we still have some other things we need to sort out first. The podcast has remained on track, and we’ve sent out T-shirts and stickers and such. However, there are still some unfulfilled matters to take care of, and we would like to present you with our hard deadlines for completion. These are promises to you.

  • DVDs and books: These will be completed and ready for production by July 1
  • Art rewards: These will be completed and ready for shipment by June 1
  • Charity livestreams: We’re a little vague on these still as we need to sort out the logistics, but sometime in early May and early July are our targets
  • Article rewards: These will be written and publishers by May 1
  • Two extra episodes: These will go up July 21 and July 28
  • Video commitments: These will be fulfilled by August 1
  • Final live panel: We’ve committed to an event, but Ray will announce that in due time. It’s 100% set, though!
  • Next wave of funding: Whatever form it takes, we’ll announce it no later than June 30
I hope that helps clear up any concerns! We’re 100% committed to living up to our word. Unforeseen real-life complications have slowed us down, it’s true, but at the end of this campaign, we will have done everything we said we would. Just… maybe a bit later than we had planned in some cases. And we understand those delays are frustrating, and that it’s easy to assume the worst about Kickstarter projects. We’re not sure yet how we’re going to fund future episodes, but if we decide to go the crowd-funded route, we won’t be holding out our hats until we’ve lived up to our existing commitments.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments. And thanks for your support! Speaking for myself, it’s been an interesting and often difficult year, and your feedback has helped me keep going when things get rough. So thanks again.


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29 Responses to Timelines on the occasion of our Kickstarter anniversary

  1. Tim Pedersen

    It has been a great year for Retronauts, so I’m happy to hear that you plan to continue. I will continue to support the podcast any way I can.

    Now, forgive my potential ignorance, but weren’t there also going to be shout-outs to backers in certain episodes? Admittedly, I haven’t listened to every episode of season 3, so I could have missed them if they did indeed happen.

    Either way, it’s cool with me. Thanks for the continued great work, looking forward to more!

  2. Dave

    It’s fantastic to see this. I was a backer at the $250 level and never fretted about “Where’s my rewards?” I was just beyond excited to have the podcast back. I’ve been very pleased with how transparent and punctual you’ve been and I couldn’t think of a better place to have spent my money. Here’s to may more years of Retronauts.

  3. Dan shires

    Guys, just wanted to say thanks again. Season 3 has been superb and from my pov I guarantee I’ll be ready to throw a little more coin your way come June 30th.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. I’m a relatively new listener, I never listened to the old 1up podcast but have listened to every episode of this new Retronauts podcast and it’s been very entertaining and informative. I hope to see some of the video content and if you are thinking of getting more funding why not start a youtube channel where you post podcasts and streams to make some extra revenue?

  5. There ain’t no gettin’ off this train we’re on

  6. I’ve been loving these episodes. You guys have been doing great so far!

  7. BearChair

    Jeremy, Ray and Bob, I just wanted to thank you guys for a great third season of Retronauts. You’ve done a great job bringing the show back. I’m glad to hear there will be a season four, and I promise you’ll have my backing in whatever form you request it.

    I’ll admit I haven’t always agreed with you, but Retronauts is still one of my favorite podcasts.

    Might I suggest a stretch goal for the next season be a special issue of Scroll where you all contribute.


  8. Rhett Lauffenburger

    I’d be more than happy to make a yearly donation to keep this show going – retronauts is a treasure, and I’d hate to see it go the way of 1up.

  9. Adam Campbell

    I’m just happy to hear that you guys are planning on continuing this fantastic podcast. Looking forward to the DVD.

  10. Kuang

    Thx for all the great podcasts! Looking forward to the future of Retronauts.

  11. Raymond Fernandes

    Keep us posted. I’ll be happy to throw some money down for another year of Retronauts.

  12. Pasha

    No worries.
    The past 5-6 have been turbulent for me to say the least and Retronauts was always a small corner of safety for me. My happy place. When Uncle Ziff came back and killed it, well… it was rough.
    Volume 3 has been and continues to be fantastic and it you ever need money to keep going, I’m sure we can scrounge some up.

  13. I couldn’t ever imagine this podcast ending. If you offer some sort of donation system, I will donate. I hope everything goes well for the next season.

  14. James Roberts

    It is hard to express how much I appreciate and enjoy the show. Just let us know what we can do to help.

    Thank you guys for all of your hard work.

  15. Mega_Matt

    Great news! Glad you guys decided to keep the podcast going. I’ll gladly donate more money to help fund it. I haven’t worried at all about my backer reward because I know you guys are good for it. Having successfully funded a kickstarter on my own I know how life and things can get in the way of getting rewards out. Keep up the good work! Thanks guys!

  16. Jeremy

    I’d be willing to support Retronauts on a monthly basis through Patreon. Thanks for the fine work so far!

  17. Just listening to you guys chat about retro games has been reward enough (though I’d still like my other rewards eventually). Regardless of how you chose to fund the next season, I’ll be glad to throw money at you guys again.

  18. Abuele

    I just want to thank you all, for keeping the show alive, so far its been great, funny and most all entretaining, I think it is the show I keep expecting from week to week, any future crowdsourcing effort programmed for the future you can fully expect with my future support.

    The Matsuno episode is one of the best episodes from Vol. III.


  19. Alexander

    I will gladly donate again for a fourth season of Retronauts. This installment has been consistently fantastic.

    I appreciate the update on backer rewards as well. Could you post this update on the Kickstarter page as well for those who don’t often visit this site?

  20. Chris Hyde

    Great to hear that you’ll keep going. The episodes this year have been great–I have a three hour drive each Friday and Sunday, and I’m always happy to burn some of that time with your show. Thanks for doing this!

  21. Thanks for the kind words everyone. And yeah, I guess we should do this as a Kickstarter update, huh? *BRAINFART*

  22. Slothy

    This has been by far the most robust and entertaining edition of Retronauts yet. Whatever it takes to keep Bob, Ray and Jeremy funded and together, I will definitely support.

  23. Aaron Schafer

    I have nothing really new or of substance to add, so I’ll just echo lots of the sentiments above and say I love the show, and as soon as you guys decide how best to go about gathering funding, I’m on board. I already support the community radio station here in St. Louis (shout-out to KDHX.org!), and I’ve given to the Freakonomics podcast, and some other things. Paying for stuff to listen to is my version of alms for the poor, I think. I’m like a nerd-hipster Catholic.

  24. Z

    Thanks guys, the show is still fantastic and I appreciate everything you do for it.

  25. Nathan

    This series has been a blast! It’s clear to me that when I’m at home watching zombie TV shows. You’re researching and putting together some of the best retro themed content on the Internet.

    Some advice for next year, take a pay cheque. And, don’t feel like you need to explain your salary. You’ve all done an amazing job!!

    I will definitely support Retronauts in the future!

  26. Cory

    More fuel for the Retronauts Love Bonfire! I missed the previous Kickstarter, but I’d love to help out in a new funding source. I love the new variety of content and the return of old Retronauts guests. Keep ’em coming and SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY!

    • Cory

      Also… I would not be upset to see and hear some commercial sponsors related to the show. Audio ads at the beginning of episodes, some tasteful ads on the site, maybe YouTube partner monetization on future video editions? Nobody likes internet ads, but if it helps keep your show free and maintains some semblance of the integrity we’ve come to expect…

      Maybe an Amazon partner button? Ya know, “Click on the Amazon button on our website, proceed to Amazon, and make your purchases. It won’t cost you any more, and Amazon kicks a bit back to us…”