What a horrible night to have Retronauts Pocket Episode 25

Our current run of Retronauts is winding down, and this marks my last stint in the hosting chair for this season. After venturing out into the terrifying world of unfamiliar UK games from the ’80s last week, I felt compelled to scurry back to the comforting embrace of the familiar this time around. Yes, it’s a return to that most abused and tired of classic Retronauts topics, Castlevania.

Pocket 25 cover

Since all those old episodes have long since vanished into the ether, we figured, “Why not?” We’ll almost certainly be revisiting topics from the older, now-missing seasons of Retronauts in the next phase of the show. Consider this a sort of warning shot, I suppose.

Not really much to say here except that the music is from the Akumajou Dracula MIDI Collection album, and also thanks! It’s been an interesting and sometimes challenging run fielding your various topic requests, and I hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve put together over the past year. Thank you for your support, and I’m sure you’ll hear me stambling my way through hosting duties again in the not-too-distant future.

A buffet of download options awaits you!

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33 Responses to What a horrible night to have Retronauts Pocket Episode 25

  1. Where or who is the Retronauts theme song from? I am putting together my routine for a body building show and I am thinking a retro-game inspired backing track. Love the show, don’t play games often but listen every week, I feel like you guys are my gym bros, you get me through legs day.

  2. DarthEnderX

    I’m actually really psyched that you guys are revisiting old topics.

    I think I’ve reached the point where you guys have already done episodes on anything I’ve ever cared about. And while hearing about something I have no familiarity with can be interesting, it does get old eventually.

    Especially if the old topic is from way back in the 1Up days, I think there’s no reason you can’t do some topics again. Especially if the cast discussing it is mostly different from the one in the original episode.

    • I like the idea of a mix of old and new topics. Old topics are valuable to revisit because (1) we can’t distribute those old episodes and (2) our perspectives have probably matured quite a bit. Mine have.

  3. Chris G

    Is it even possible to talk too much about Castlevania?

  4. Mega_Matt

    It’s a shame the older episodes aren’t available anymore. Didn’t realize that till now. I like the idea of revisiting old subjects though. Keep it up dudes.

    • SlothMachines


      All or most of the older episodes are available here.

      • Any idea if there’s existing files for the oldest episodes? All the download links are broken to me for the ones not available on iTunes.

        • SlothMachines

          Oh, my mistake. It appears only the Retronauts Live episodes work (for now). Yeah, the backlog is gone. I assumed the links have yet to expire despite 1up’s status. I really hope Jeremy, Bob and Ray will have an archive of the classic episodes at one point, I certainly love going back to them. This stuff needs to be cataloged.

          There is actually a couple torrents of the Retronauts catalog (pirate radio baby).

          • Thanks, I’ll look into it.

            And it sounds like there’s legal reasons they personally can’t share it publicly. So surely they can’t email me at OculinKaykei@gmail.com with a link to some download files for these older episodes, that I would gladly download them for an upcoming roadtrip I have.

        • The old shows seem to still work on TuneIn? not sure where they actually get the feed from? http://tunein.com/radio/Retronauts-p471412/

      • Mega_Matt

        Cool! Good to know.

        • silentq

          I actually backed up every episode on my computer as soon as 1up went under. I don’t know if that helps for later whenever they can legally be distributed but hey I got them!

  5. Hulegu

    I would crawl on my hands and knees over 20 miles of barbed wire just to listen to you gentlemen discuss Simon Belmont’s jump physics.

    Though if I don’t have to do the barbed wire-crawling, that would be good.

    I guess that’s why RSS exists.

  6. No complaints about a return to Castlevania from me. Enjoyed the OG 1UP episodes and could just about do with more detail in the conversation. The series holds a lot of fascination, but the Nintendo divide has always kept them out of reach. Played Bloodlines a lot. It seems to highlight the qualities that were most interesting to me. (I dare not speak of preferring the lance to the whip). Would really like to hear your guys’ take on Bloodlines. I’m not sure I remember it being a part of the original 1UP discussions, either. Will resist console wars heckling.

    Nice one, guys. Hope the future-past is bright for Retronauts.

  7. Kolar

    Not only is there a castle at the end of Order of Ecclesia, it’s a proper free-roaming SotN affair too.

  8. Excellent episode–if not just for finding out how James Banana looks …ahem (*adjusts necktie*).

    But (don’t get me wrong, I love the specials and all that) it’s kinda cool to hear you guys just go back to a regular ol’ episode about a great game. Just some interesting facts and nostalgia.

  9. JohnLearned

    Almost wasn’t the same without Shane telling everyone how amazing Order of Ecclesia is. Thanks for revisiting great older topics.

    Also, I use Soundcloud to listen to the show on my phone and it works great. Coincidentally, also in the gym from time to time

  10. I downloaded all of the old episodes from 1up.com back in the day If you guys don’t have copies.

  11. Rory McCarty

    Any chance of revisiting the survival horror episode? It was one of my favorites of Volume 1, even though it had none of the current hosts. I’d look forward to hearing the current Retronauts gang’s opinions on it!

  12. About the inventor of Castlevania: It was most likely “H. Akamatsu”, who appears as “Invincibility” in the credits of Castlevania II and director of Castlevania III. He was at the very least also the main programmer of the first Castlevania. The Canadian copyright database lists one Hitoshi Akamatsu among the authors of Time Pilot ’84, so that’s probably his name. Kanji have been assumed as 赤松 仁志, but no one is quite sure. As far as anyone can tell, he just disappeared from the face of the earth after Castlevania III. Happy searching, let us know what you find out… 😉

    Btw., the artist the cover was ripped off from was actually the OTHER Conan-loving fantasy illustrator who’s copied in dozens of game covers, Frank Frazetta. Definitely can’t blame you for getting them mixed up, though, and I really only wanted to exploit the opportunity to to plug my gallery of about a million video game rip-off images: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/tracing/tracing.htm (warning: page 2 would be NSFW, cause both Frazetta and Vallejo sure liked to paint the nudies…)

    • Yeah, my mind was racing to recall what I’d seen on that page you compiled as we were talking. Once I was editing the audio files, I realized, “D’oh, it was Frazetta!” But by then it was TOO LATE.

      • Oh, and now I’m done listening and it turns out there was a comeback on the creator question that mentioned Akamatsu. Well, I guess now you also got something that MIGHT be the kanji for his name.

  13. hal9k

    Good call on Soundcloud, that’s how I’ve listened to every episode (on my Android phone). Great episode, by the way. I really need to go back to Castlevania 2, haven’t played it since I rented it as a kid. It fits with the other “black sheep” 2nd entries in NES game series: Zelda 2, Mario 2, and one might even say Final Fantasy 2. Even Mega Man 2 made some changes, except those changes stuck. I love how experimental things seemed back then.

  14. I posted on one of Jeremy’s U.S. Gamer columns about how I chose MegaMan 2 over Castlevania II Simon’s Quest partly due to the vivid MM2 screenshot in a Sears catalog.

    Later I rented Simon’s Quest and experienced one of my most frustrating gaming moments ever. The bad taste lingered long enough for me to never buy a NES Castlevania game. However, I did rent Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse with a buddy and we loved that game, especially the four different playable characters.

    Finally I played the first Castlevania sometime later, which seemed like a simpler version of Dracula’s Curse, even down to the yellow protagonist. My Castlevania-playing experience has been a jumbled time travel adventure.

  15. The only Castlevania game I’ve played is Symphony Of The Knight. it was really great. which one should I play next?

  16. Great episode. Love Castlevania, even though I can’t beat the linear ones. One minor correction, Bloodlines also had the film sprocket intro.

    When Bloodlines and Dracula X came out, I looked down on them because they seems to be a step back after Castlevania 4. Most of it was me being a huge Nintendo fanboy until the late 90’s. Now I can appreciate the bright colors and quicker pace of the “regressions”.