Hark, the herald angels bellow, “Telenet and Valis is go!”


You can tell it truly is a season of miracles, because we somehow managed — about five years after the fact! — to pull Shane Bettenhausen (and Christian Nutt) into the studio so they could gush about the Valis series for more than an hour. Bob and I are almost ghostlike presences this week, but somehow I don’t think anyone’s going to complain. This will probably be the first episode I’ve hosted in years that no one will complain about, because it’s a work of sincere enthusiasm by two passionate fans, tackles a niche series in exhaustive detail, and above all has the authenticity of a first-person account.

We are committed to making full Retronauts episodes a biweekly (that is, fortnightly) endeavor, but we’ve made an exception this week as a seasonal gift to everyone who’s supported us over these past couple of years while we fly solo, free of the succour (and funding) of corporate interests. This episode could never have come to pass without your help. You are cool.

You can read more about this episode at USgamer, but you can listen or download here. If you like.

Yes. It actually happened.

The next few episodes will be Micros while we take it relatively easy over the holiday break (and wrangle our schedule back into proper order), but we’ll be working on finishing up the last of our Kickstarter obligations while we’re away. And when we get back, we can all sort out what everyone wants for their first round of Patreon awards. Materialism!

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And of course, the usual begging for iTunes reviews goes here. We’re never going to be the most popular show on iTunes, but they can’t get rid of us that easily.

Retronauts Vol. IV Episode 29: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li


The Retronauts holiday tradition continues with a fourth trip to our cabin in Parts Unknown, and, due to popular demand, this year’s special marks a return to the Movie Month style of episodes we did a few years ago! Join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Ray Barnholt, and Laser Time’s Chris Antista for a long, painful look at 2009’s Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, a box office bomb that’s mostly been forgotten (and with good reason).

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It’s the first episode of Retronauts Micro — god help us all


Hello yourself.

This week is an off-week, which means there’s no Retronauts episode. Alas! But since we have cool supporters, there’s a non-Retronauts episode of Retronauts — a new off-week program called Retronauts Micro. Here, I’ll let the episode description explain it:

It’s our first off-week of the season, and we’re going small with Retronauts Micro: Bite-sized chunklets of podcast. In this Micro episode, Jeremy flies solo and looks back at a largely forgotten computer platform: The TI-99/4A.

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Sweet and to the point, right? You can certainly learn more about this madness by checking out the full-length news post at USgamer.net, though! Another fun thing about the USgamer version of this post: It includes a video version of this self-same episode. Madness, right? Yeah, you’d probably better go check it out.

P.S., this week, our Patreon backers are listening to the traditional “holiday death shack” episode a week early. We’re about $45 away from a second live show during 2015, so… why not sign up and help make your dreams and ours come true all at once?

Retronauts Vol. IV Episode 28: Gaming’s Greatest Flops


Our season premiere is finally here—hooray! But before I dispense with the download links, please absorb this minor note about Retronauts’ next year. This blog will still offer links to the newest episode, but for detailed show notes, you’re going to want to head over to USgamer, and maybe click on a few other things while you’re there. (We promise it won’t hurt.) Now, on with the show!

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This episode’s description:

“Retronauts is back for a brand-new season! And what better way to celebrate our crowdfunding success than an entire episode devoted to failure? In this season premiere, join Jeremy Parish, Ray Barnholt, Bob Mackey, and special guest Brett Elston (of Capcom Unity) as the crew discusses some of the most spectacular flops in video game history.”

Patreon Backers: Our Season Premiere is Now Live!

Hey folks,

Bob here with a super-quick message, which shouldn’t be a mystery if you read the headline preceding this blog post—and who wouldn’t? That said, if you’re one of our friendly, handsome/beautiful Patreon backers, go log in to your account NOW NOW NOW because our season premiere is live! And if you’re still on the fence about being a patron, just one dollar a month—that’s 25 cents a week, in case you forgot how money works—will get you each episode seven days in advance, which will make you the envy of your bridge group or knitting circle. Thanks again for all of your support, and we’ll see you next week with the typical notes and rigamarole we usually post with every episode.

(Here’s that link again…)

Retronauts on USgamer: The tale of Capcom

Hey, everyone. I’d like to chime in and thank everyone who has signed up for our podcast Patreon campaign already — a mere two days in and we’re already to the second tier of funding (biweekly episodes, mini episodes on the off weeks, and streams aplenty) and about a third of the way to the next! That’s really fantastic, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support.

While that ticks along, Bob and I have already started to plan Retronauts content for USgamer… and by “plan” I mean “publish.” Today I’ve posted a Kickstarter backer-requested article on USG. The original plan was to put it here on the blog, but it makes more sense to put it on a site where it’ll get more eyeballs, right?


This particular piece comes to us at the behest of Greg Spenser, who wanted us to write about Capcom’s 8- and 16-bit eras. And that’s exactly what has happened — so please, enjoy this brief look back at the evolution of Capcom during the NES and 16-bit days. And, of course, please continue reading USG and our Twitter feed for more Retronauts-related content to fill your brain with old things as we build up toward the new season of podcasts that kicks off December 1!

The Next Season of Retronauts is Coming Soon! (But We Still Need Your Help)

Hey folks, Bob here with an important announcement. We’ve been on break since late August, and in the passing months, you’ve probably been wondering just what the heck we’ve been up to. Well, this new episode spills each and every bean, but if you’re too impatient to hear us jabber on about the next year of Retronauts, I’ll break down the details below:

  • We’re now partnering with USgamer, where Jeremy and I work. They won’t be funding the podcast, though—it’s more of a reciprocal deal in which we’ll grow the audience of both properties in synergistic harmony.
  • Volume IV (or whatever we’ll be calling it) begins on Monday, December 1st, with episodes to follow biweekly—that’s every two weeks. But if we get enough funding, we’ll be doing bite-sized episodes during the off weeks.
  • The most important thing: This new season of show will be supported by our new Patreon, which includes plenty of physical rewards as incentives. If you can spare just a few bucks a month to help out, we’d really appreciate it! (Here’s that link again…) And, if you donate, you’ll get early access to all of our new episodes.
  • A good deal of this money will go towards funding trips so Jeremy can record live in our studio instead of remotely. We made Skype work as best as we could, but we realize that having everyone in one location results in better shows.
  • If you donated to last year’s Kickstarter and are still waiting for your rewards, don’t worry—we’re working on them! (That includes episode requests for contest winners and donors, BTW.)

Aaand that’s it! We’re extremely grateful for any kind of support, and if you can’t spare a little scratch every month, spreading the word about our Patreon and upcoming season would be appreciated. As always, be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts for all of the latest news about the podcast. And please bookmark USgamer, because we’ll be writing plenty of stuff about retro games over there—and we really want the site to keep on keepin’ on. Thanks again for all of your support over the years, and we’ll see you again on December 1st!

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And if you’d like to give the upcoming season of our show a little attention, please leave us a review in the iTunes music store!

Attention: We’re Not Dead!

This guy is, though.

This guy is, though.

Hi friends, Bob here—It’s almost been two months since you last heard from us, and in that time, we’ve been taking a break after our great, Kickstarted season of 58 episodes. My media player tells me that’s roughly 40 hours and 22 minutes of audio, which is still kind of astounding to me. So thanks again for helping make this all happen.

So, by this point you’re probably wondering when the new season will start. Well, you’ll be happy to know we’ve already recorded two episodes, though we’ve hit a tiny delay in our plan. Since we want to have plenty of content recorded before we launch, season two will most likely begin in early-to-mid November. Before that, though, we’ll be releasing a mini-episode to give you details about our new Patreon—the source of funding for this next season—as well as read off the list of backers from the last season. So make sure you’re still subscribed to our podcast feed!

And, just so you know, we haven’t forgotten about all of you great people who made the last season happen. We’re still committed to producing and sending out those physical rewards, and we’ve made some progress in the few months we’ve been able to relax. That said, thanks again for your patience and trust—we don’t plan on ripping anyone off, and the ghosts of promised rewards haunt our sleep nightly. (They haunt mine, at least.)

So, what’s going to happen until then? Well, the best way to stay in the know is to keep up with our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Oh, and I’ll be doing a complete playthrough of a horror-themed game this month on our Twitch channel, so stay tuned for more information about that—last year’s stream featuring the Super Famicom’s Clock Tower was lots of fun, and you can watch it again over at our YouTube channel.

Again, thanks for your continued support. We still have an exciting announcement to make, and plenty of great episodes to come, so hang in there—it’ll be worth the wait.

Retronauts Pocket Episode 27: Games of Game Center CX

Time for another one of those rare Retronauts Pocket episodes that directly follow from the last full episode! We’re still talking about Game Center CX this week!

…Ssssort of. Rather than talk about the show itself, I had each of us (me, Bob, Jeremy, and returning guest Justin Haywald) pick one of the games featured on the show and talk about them. Of course, if you listened last week, you know that the host Arino is not always put in the best situations, and struggles through some pretty torturous games. And as it turned out, we all picked some of the more torturous Famicom games he’s played: The Mystery of Atlantis, The Wing of Madoola, Layla, and the one that started it all, Takeshi’s Challenge. Some of those names may be familiar to you, some not, but either way, they’re very interesting examples of Japanese gaming from a very certain period, and they’re all great episodes of GCCX, to boot.

Also, we reveal our plans for the next phase of Retronauts after this run — yes, you’ll be hearing from us again! But nothing is set in stone yet, so as always, keep an eye on this site, our Twitter, and Facebook for the official word.

On behalf of Bob and Jeremy, thanks again for helping us do this again.

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Retronauts Volume III Episode 27: Game Center CX

For this final full Retronauts of the season, we take a sideways step away from retro game talk and into a TV show about retro games: Game Center CX, from Japan. We wouldn’t bother unless it was a special case — Game Center CX is a fun show, long-running, and worth your time if you’re even halfway interested in old video games. If you’ve followed us since 1UP (especially me), you’ve heard me say this before — I’ve been a fan of the show since I was at 1UP, and spent a few years spreading awareness (off and on, here and there).

But… this episode wasn’t my idea! This was a backer-requested topic from Joey Chiu, who, I guess, didn’t think I had talked about Game Center CX enough. I can’t really agree, to be honest, but I couldn’t let this go, either. So please enjoy a whole episode where I, along with Bob, Jeremy, and special guest/old friend Justin Haywald from GameSpot talk about Game Center CX, a show about a middle-aged comedian struggling like hell to finish a game.

Most of our chat involves explaining the show and then why you should watch it, so consider this your primer if you’ve never heard of it. Still, there’s a lot of ground to cover, so we didn’t drill too deeply, but we also found time to talk about the Retro Game Challenge series, which was based on Game Center CX to begin with, and are something else you should try!

Thanks for listening, but we’ll be back with Retronauts Pocket next week for one last go-around.

(Music selections from the Clockwork Fighters: Hiwou’s War soundtrack, which GCCX has also borrowed from. )

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