This week, it’s a two-hour lovefest for Mega Man

Hi! Big episode this week, in more ways than one.

One way: It’s a very lengthy episode, clocking in at nearly two dense hours of commentary and nostalgia. And it only covers nine games total, really — Mega Man 1 through 6 and the three Mega Man Legends titles. That’s like, 1/10 of the all the Mega Man games ever made.

Second way: We have a bunch of info on the newly announced Mega Man Legacy Collection, which is relevant to this topic. Capcom Unity‘s Brett Elston and Greg Moore join us not only to talk about Mega Man games, but also to detail the upcoming anthology, which is being produced by the former Digital Eclipse guys at Other Ocean. Former Retronauts contributor (and occasional cohost! Check out the Tengen episode!) Frank Cifaldi has a huge role in the anthology, and that alone means it’s likely to sit among the best, most accurate, and most loving compilation of classic games we’ve ever seen in the U.S.

You can read more about it all at USgamer. Or Capcom Unity. Or hey, just listen here.

Description for this episode:

Jeremy and Bob are joined by Capcom’s Brett Elston and Greg Moore to revisit a topic near to everyone’s heart: the Mega Man legacy. (And also the Mega Man Legacy Collection, due later this year.)

Listen or download here:

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Man. If only revisiting old Retronauts topics always resulted in announcements like this.

Submit Your Comment for Our Annual Viewer Mail Episode!


Ever since Retronauts left its old format with 2013’s Kickstarted season, we rarely get a chance to field letters from fans–a feature I loved having on my older shows. So, just like last year, we’re going to condense all of our fan feedback into a single episode, where we’ll respond to your questions and comments throughout. So if you have something you want to ask/tell us, please post it in the comments section below–and know that Ray Barnholt will be there for this recording. Just a few brief points before you craft your submission:

  • Please have your comment posted by the end of Thursday, May 21! (Comments on these posts eventually turn off automatically, but I’ll be collecting responses on the morning of the 22nd.)
  • Please be concise! Your comment/question will have better odds of being read if you get to the point.

Thanks in advance for your contributions. And, just so you know, Retronauts should have a P.O. Box soon, as we did in olden times–I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s up and running.

Episode 39: Slow life games


Hi there! We have a new episode online! Also, I injured my hand a few days ago and it’s swollen and full of pus and typing hurts a lot!! So I’m going to just put this online and let God sort out the details. Special thanks to Ray Barnholt and Gary Butterfield of Watch Out For Fireballs!

Description for this episode:

At the behest of Kickstarter backer Chase (yes, we’re still fulfilling Kickstarter episodes), Jeremy, Bob, Ray, and Gary Butterfield assemble to talk about “slow life games.” You know, the ones about nothing. The Seinfelds of games.

Listen or download here:

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Enjoy, and my apologies to Patreon supporters: My hand injury has delayed this week’s advance Micro episode. I’ll get it up for you as quickly as I can, but, ouch.

Patreon Rewards Update!

Hello, Patreon friends; right now, you’re probably wondering “Where’s my stuff?” A fair question, considering we promised quarterly goodies for all of you kind donors.

Well, the good news is we’ve finalized our designs for this first round of rewards and submitted them for production and distribution. You can check them out below. The bad news–well, it’s more unfortunate than bad–is that we’re going to need to rejigger our rewards schedule to make things financially feasible on our end. While we have plenty of great fans donating to our cause, we’re not pulling in enough to justify making these relatively small runs of physical goods four times a year. Sticking to our quarterly schedule might be possible if we went with a cheap print-on-demand service, but we’re big fans of the folks at Fangamer, and we definitely don’t want to compromise the quality of these rewards by going with a cheaper production house. So, from here on out, we’ll be switching to a twice-a-year schedule for sending out rewards, which will make the expense of this undertaking much more manageable on our end.

If this news causes you to withdraw your monthly pledge, we won’t be offended. But please keep in mind 99.8% of the money we pull in goes directly to our many, many expenses–I just filed taxes for 2014, so I can tell you running a podcast like ours is surprisingly expensive. Full disclosure: Jeremy and I haven’t taken a dime from our Patreon earnings to date, and the profit made by each of us on the Kickstarted season was tiny at best–well under minimum wage if you count all the time we pour into the show. Of course, we don’t believe any of you think we’re misappropriating your donations for any nefarious reason–like playing the risky Amiibo market–but we wanted to make it clear Retronauts is a passion project and not a means of income for either of us.

And one more note about the rewards: We’ve received plenty of messages from people concerned that a change of address might interfere with the delivery of their stuff. Well, don’t worry: The nice people at Fangamer will send out a survey for you to answer shortly before the rewards ship, meaning you’ll have a chance to give them your current whereabouts.

So there you have it. We apologize for disappointing you, and hope that you’ll stick with our little video game podcast as we do our best to keep you entertained. Without your support, Retronauts would be as much of a relic as the stuff we talk about every week, so we definitely appreciate how you’ve kept us afloat for these past few years. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below!

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