Retronauts Micro 038: Nick Arcade with Special Guests Laser Time


These days, we have YouTube, Twitch, and a variety of platforms to bring us endless footage of just about every game ever made, but kids who grew up in the ’90s weren’t so lucky. Despite our prehistoric existence, though, we at least had the short-lived game show, Nick Arcade, which gave a nation of cable TV viewers nothing but pure gaming action for roughly 23% of its running time. On this episode of Retronauts Micro, enter the VIDEO ZONE as Bob Mackey, Chris Antista, Dave Rudden, and Henry Gilbert explore the best kids’ entertainment Florida is capable of.

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We Need Your Responses for Our Upcoming Listener Mail Episode!


Hey Retronauts listeners! We’ll be recording another of our annual listener mail episodes this weekend, meaning we once again need your input. Do you have a burning question for your (presumably) favorite classic gaming podcast? Would you like to point out a glaring oversight from one of our previous installments? Do you want to hear our take on a subject we might not have done an episode about yet? Or maybe just lavish us with praise? Well, please leave your contribution in the comments of this blog post by 11:59pm PT on Thursday, May 12, and if it’s good enough, we’ll read it on the show—and maybe even respond! Thanks in advance for all of the kind crowdsourcing.

Retronauts Episode 65: Resident Evil


Sorry to make you feel old, but Resident Evil turns 20 this year. And since we games journalists can’t help but be obsessed with anniversaries that end in a 0 or a 5, it’s only natural that we record a Retronauts retrospective on this rich subject. On this episode, listen in as Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, and guest Dave Rudden explore the first three Resident Evil games and their surprisingly convoluted histories. (And we at least make an effort to keep the regurgitation of tired memes to a minimum.)

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Retronauts Episode 63: Pokemon


Nothing may feel more like those simpler times of the late ’90s than Pokemon, but Nintendo’s monster-collecting phenomenon managed to stick in there for two whole decades by staying true to its roots. On this episode of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Henry Gilbert and Kat Bailey as the crew explores the last twenty years of Game Freak’s zillion-dollar franchise. (Disclaimer: Please listen to this podcast in a well-lit room for your own safety.)

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Gravity is rad, and reversed, in the latest Retronauts Micro

Heigh ho everybody, and welcome once again to the Retronauts show! We’ve got a real corker this wee— aw, OK, it’s just another off-week Micro episode. On the plus side, I’ve decided to ditch my boring one-man-show approach to Micros and bring other people into the conversation, which should be a relief to everyone. To kick things off this week, we have Sam Claiborn from IGN in the studio to enthuse over classic NES mech platformer Metal Storm for a few minutes with me.

Metal Storm is one of those games that plays better in person than it does via audio — it’s a brief and fairly simple game, and its appeal comes from the way it pushes the NES hardware, and from the way its mechanics turn a straightforward five-stage platform shooter into a dense, nail-biting challenge. The game’s central premise (you can invert gravity while in mid-air) demands a higher standard of level design than the usual NES fare, and every screen of Metal Storm stands out as a sort of inventive action puzzle… without being an actual puzzle game. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of those in my Game Boy adventures, and this ain’t one.

The biggest downside to Metal Storm is that you’re not going to be able to find a cartridge-only copy of the game for less than $100 unless you get really lucky. It’ll never show up on a download service, either, because publisher Irem ditched gaming altogether and, last I’d read, had delisted all its games from PSN and Virtual Console. This is why classic video game is so darned stupid most of the time.

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Thanks to Sam for dropping by, and I’ll be playing the game on a live stream later this week via USgamer. So you can check it out that way if you’re curious about Metal Storm but too lazy (or scrupulous!) to emulate it.