Come See Retronauts at TooManyGames!

It seems like only four months ago we were soliciting suggestions of east coast US conventions to have another live show. The majority response favored Philadelphia’s TooManyGames, and so we looked into it, and it wasn’t much longer before we got on the list. So we’ll be there at the end of June!

What can you expect from us this go-around? In truth, our topic was revealed on the TMG site a while ago: another profile of a great console of the ’90s, the 3DO. I’ll be hosting this time (hi it’s me Ray), and I was partly inspired to cover the system when recently writing about Warp. What’s floating in my head is something a bit different from our usual format, though I stress only by a bit — as much as I inquired, I can’t get a t-shirt cannon through the TSA.

The Retronauts panel is scheduled for the first night of the con, on Friday, June 27. If you’ve already got tickets, great, and we hope to see you and say hi! If not, well, hopefully today serves as a good reminder. We’ll let you know if anything changes, good or bad.

And thanks to all of you who lent your feedback earlier! We’re happy to head somewhere new on the east coast, and of course, will endeavor to do it again in the future.


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  1. econmara

    I am the only person I know of who had a 3do. My favourite games were Space hulk and The need for speed. The worst game I owned was called Way of the Warrior which was a Mortal Kombat clone developed by none other than Naughty Dog. The wikipedia page for Way of the Warrior has an interesting section on the development of the game.

  2. Hi guys!
    As a 14 year resident of Philadelphia, I’d be overjoyed to show you guys around when you’re in town during the ‘con. As you already know, TMG takes place about 30 minutes outside of Philly proper, but you’re close enough that you should plan (obviously) on making it down to the city when time permits. Philly’s actually gotten extra-awesome in the last few years, and if you want recs or input on great food, bars, or other nerdy stuff to visit, I can gladly help. Barcade, naturally, is a must-visit, but there are plenty of other things to see and do while you’re here.

    Please feel free to email me with questions–I’m very glad to see you guys coming to TMG, and want to help make your experience worthwhile.


  3. wow, this is great news! i cant wait to see you guys there 🙂